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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Review: Porridge at Fatty Sang Restaurant

Updated 20 September 2009: Sad to say they no longer serve the porridge due to short of hands but they still have yummy claypot noodles and seafood noodles.



We were informed by Fatty Sang that they now operate a porridge stall during the day. We popped by here for a porridge breakie during the holidays. Looking at the stall, you can see (well if you're not a banana) they have all sorts of porridges ranging from pork to fish.

Fatty Sang Porridge stall

Fatty Sang (Fei Tzai Sang - yeah he's da boss and a real person) was there and he highly recommended the Pumpkin with Fish Slices Porridge (RM5.00 for a one-size-only bowl) which I tried. I liked this a lot cos I loved pumpkin heh :p... but somehow pumpkin cooked in porridge doesn't tasted sweet so I guess for people who hates sweet savoury dish, this porridge should go easy with them. There were generous lot of thickish slices of fish (sang yue I presumed). Fish and pumpkin... gosh they did married well in there.

FS - pumpkin n fish slice porridge RM5 FS - pumpkin n fish slice porridge - scooped

Drop by here in the day for delish claypot noodles, seafood noodles and porridge or night for some dai chow (stir-fried) actions.

Fatty Sang Restaurant
30 Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Ambong Dua
Kepong Baru
Tel: 012-361 5605 / 012-205 5116
Click here for map.

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PB said...

Thanks for this! I'm a banana so I guess I'll have to ask them for what they have. I was just there last weekend but the stall didn't seem open.

twosuperheroes said...

wooooo....lookie lookie very nice! But kepong is a bit far though.. :(

Ciki said...

i am a BANANA! help me.. help me..! kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

pumpkin, my fav.... never eaten it cooked in porridge. will check this out, but first will need to find out how to get to kepong.

Family First said...

Thanks for your very inforamtive food reviews & of course your delish recipes. I wish to sincerely pass you an award but I try to read through your blog but I dont see any awards wor ... you dont normally accept it? If you do, please accept it from my blog. Thanks very much!

Babe_KL said...

paris, try again next time

haha yeah but i thot superheroes can fly one :p

ciki, just ask :p

skinnymum, there's a map there

thanks family first. appreciated that and yes i dun partipate in memes since a few years back, too much a hassle. i was also told not to clutter my side bars with unnecessary stuff to speed up loading.

choi yen said...

New food to try eh... Must go there already :)

味蕾“颖” 子 said...

nice nice blog ... the most simply food...the most nicest

Babe_KL said...

yes mimi, feedback ya

thanks 味蕾“滢” 子