Monday, 13 October 2008

Review: Restoran Mi Chel Yong Tau Foo

Updated 20 September 2009: This place is closed. Owner opened a corner coffee shop with same name round the corner which is next to Friends Cafe.


I tell you, Kepong seems to be packed with eateries now. Errrmmm what I meant was the "new" Kepong area around Carrefour and Jusco where there were a surge of developments. I told my mom that if they were to try one outlet a day, I doubt they can cover them all in a year's time hehehe...

This place was discovered last weekend whilst looking for a place for breakie. I remember patronising Michel Cafe when they were located many years ago in Desa Business Complex. We loved their nasi lemak but never been back since they sifted. Seems like they are now operating along Jalan Metro Perdana 3 (same row as the Hong Kong Dessert place) with not one eatery BUT three at different shoplots!!! There's the cafe, then a place that sells mixed rice which looked like a cafe instead of kopitiam and lastly this Restoran Mi Chel Yong Tau Foo towards the end of the road.

I shared with my boiboi this bowl of kon lou hor fun (flat rice noodles dry style RM4.00) that came with a bowl of parang fishballs. I liked the slippery smooth hor fun and the soy sauce concoction was nice. My boiboi asked for more so I literally had about 1/3 bowl of it only, sighhh... The fishballs are not of the bouncy kind which is good as it doesn't contain borax. They're fresh with a bite to them. The clear broth was tasty and I didn't have the MSG after effect that morning.

RM - kueh teow dry style RM4 RM - fish balls came with kueh teow dry style RM4

My mom choose these yong tau foo pieces at the counter up front. Each piece costed 90 sens which are right about the price these days. I loved the way how they coiled up a few strands of long beans and stuff the fish meat into the rounds. Lots of filling there.

RM - yong tau foo 90 sens per piece

The filling of the stuffed white tofu have a little something extra in there that made it rather tasty. Don't think it's salted fish but could be octopus. Didn't managed to ask cos all the staff were foreigners which make it a bit tough when it came to ordering drinks. The food have picture menus heh :p

RM - white tofu

Overall this place is not too bad when the place is bright and clean ala cafe style. The inner portion of the restaurant is air-conditioned. Food wise, I don't mind going again.

Restoran Mi Chel Yong Tau Foo
Jalan Metro Perdana 3
Taman Usahawan, Kepong
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. I find going to Kepong intimidating but now I am in BSD I hope to make it to some of their eateries. Thumbs up for YTF as it is healthy. The something extra is dried squid ala Hakka style. Your feature in Star Metro looks great.

  2. i agree kepong is rocking with eateries! however, some are decent and some are not.. u know what i mean?

  3. MY memories of Kepong dates back to the early 80s. I dont remember there being any shops there. I guess it must be a completely different world now.

  4. I just went there couple weeks ago but the fish ball not the type I like lor~~ I prefer the bouncy 1 :P But according to u , they contain borox :P

  5. thanks world windows

    yes yes ciki, i guess most areas have their good and bad

    ohh hazza, maybe you check out the now kepong when u r back. its an entire different world

    i liked this type of fishball though mimi :p

  6. babekl: Can you go do a review at the SNow Beer Kepong (restaurant 2008).......

  7. they have now opened a barbecue grill, too, just in front of their coffee shop next to friend's cafe. I find them very dirty. If you were to go to the back and watch the staff, you'll notice how dirty and unhygienic they are. I have stopped going to any of Michelle's eateries as I always get food poisoning and had to go to the doctor's.


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