Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Foodbuzz Publisher Community Launches

My congratulations to the Foodbuzz team for their launch of Foodbuzz Publisher Community today.

Foodbuzz Inc., officially inaugurates its food blogger community with more than 1,000 blog partners, a global food blogging event and an online platform that captures the real-people, real-time power of food publishing in every corner of the world. Currently, the Foodbuzz community ranks as one of the top-10 Internet destinations for food and dining (Quantcast), with bloggers based in 45 countries and 863 cities serving up daily food content.

Foodbuzz is the only online community with content created exclusively by food bloggers and rated by foodies. The site offers more than 20,000 pieces of new food and dining content weekly, including recipes, photos, blog posts, videos and restaurant reviews. Members decide the “tastiness” of each piece of content by voting and “buzz” the most popular posts to the top of the daily menu of submissions. Foodbuzz currently logs over 13 million monthly page views and over three million monthly unique visitors.

Babe in the City - KL is a featured publisher of the Foodbuzz blogger community since February and I've gain tremendous benefit from this community and not to mention Foodbuzz itself for sending me lovely MOO minicards, cloth bag and my own Babe in the City - KL badge!!!

Send me an email if you wish to join me and the rest of the food bloggers in the fantabulous Foodbuzz network. Otherwise, goto Foodbuzz to check out the site or sign up for a free membership to buzz with the rest of the Foodbuzz community.

Come join the buzz and spread the buzz!!!


  1. Foodbuzz Publisher Community... what a great project... i wish to join but not now... i need to translate all my articles to English first... ;p

  2. Awesome.. post..! i've yet to write mine.. :) gotta get my lazy bum off the chair.. ;)

  3. ;-) c&C. so Ciki is the big kahuna???

    hmmm i can check for you if they accept foreign language :p chenboon

    aiks mamabok, hurry :p


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