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Review: Restoran Step 8 @ Kepong

Another discovery in Kepong after we received those advertisement booklet on this place. Step 8 is a cross between a cafe and a kopitiam specialising in Alor Star goodies. Since we have never been to Alor Star for food excursion, we ordered based on the photo menu, very clever of them as this is great for bananas like me.

There were sets available for a certain items. Since it was breakfast, the noodles/rice set came with unlimited refills of drinks which they've set up at a corner of the shop. You'll have to help yourself to the drinks. There were choices of coffee bags/powders (from white to vanilla coffee); English teabags and Chinese teabags. Sugar, condensed milk, cups and hot water are available to your heart's content! Brilliant idea especially when they were really having a shortage of staff! Ala carte unlimited refills were only at RM2.00.

My mom had nasi lemak rendang ayam set at RM6.90 which consist of the rice, rojak, a bowl of soup and herbal drink for lunch but since it was breakfast, we were offered a drink instead and the rojak was no where to be seen. I think it went to the next table... a very tiny portion. I took a few bites and the rendang chicken was yummy. The meat is tender and infused with rendang flavour but the sambal wasn't good.

Step 8 - nasi lemak rendang ayam

My dad and I ordered the Step 8 - Lorong Sharif Assam Laksa (RM4.80 per set). Took them a long time before serving us these. It look watery and I find it funny to have hard boiled egg in there. Tasted awfully diluted with not much assam taste... the broth is clear and there isn't much fish in there. Very different from the assam laksa that I've tasted in my entire life. Is this how the real maccoy is like at Lorong Sharif, Alor Star???

Step 8 - Lorong Sharif assam laksa RM4.80

They've missed out my boiboi's cheese and egg toast (RM2.90). I've to remind them twice and it only came after we have finshed our laksa!!! So, no pics there cos the poor fella waited so long for his food.

Other than these, they have Jalan Putra Otak-otak, Sg Korok Popiah, Tai Kuan Har Mee, Telok Wanjah Yee Mee, Jalan Alor Loh Mee, Kayu Tom Yam Mee etc... so the good people of Alor Star, please tell me these names are real and those items are famous in Alor Star??

As we ate the place gotten very crowded and I can bet that everyone was there because of the booklet they received the day before :p urrmm just like us. Service was extremely slow cos there was only one person taking order and payments. He also have to run around prepare food. One foreign waiter serving the food from the kitchen plus clearing up tables. Maybe 3 people inside the kitchen preparing the food. This is not even fullhouse yet. I can't imagine what it is like during lunch when the office crowd come in full swing. Major teething problem here and I hope they do address this issue ASAP.

Restoran Step 8
68 Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2
Taman Usahawan
Kepong Utara
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 6013-8966 888
(opposite Tupperware)
Opening hours : 8am - 8pm
Click here for map.

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  1. Oh...this is not a fanstactic eatery to visit when I am back to KL. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I am going to KL in November this year, do you know where i can find Sate Ria? I'll be at swiss garden hotel. Thanks!

  3. Meanie! How can they miss out the poor little boy's food? Grrrr

  4. Malay laksa asam always have telor rebus as a condiment. I never like the malay laksa, I love Penang Asam Laksa. Since its hard to find a goog Penang Asam laksa here, I would normally cook my laksa with instant paste. Not bad lah.

  5. Oh I am so envious of you. How many days a week do you eat out? I hardly have a chance really cos my lil monster never sits still so I rather eat at home :-(

  6. oh no! how could they make your son wait for his cheese toast.. so long too.. poor boy :(

  7. My hubby went there before, nothing special to shout about :P Agree?

  8. ahh..all those malay names of dishes brings me back memories!! They all sound so yummy!!!

  9. hey babe... I tried once they open, and I seriously think nothing to shoutout abt this place... and then later i found out that i accidentally deleted the pics that was taken ...
    kkekeke, if i blog it earlier i think you wont be the victim ^^ so sorry...

  10. true also I think they shold imporve their service . . . oh not customers will be boiling steam waiting! lol!

  11. yes homeladychef, you can skip this

    mima, i'll reply u on yr blog

    yalor christy & ciki :(

    flower this is operated by a chinese

    family first, not often la. this one i was with my parents and we dun cook on weekends.

    actually its a matter of training, we started with my boiboi since he started eating solid. each mealtime means he will be strapped up in his portable chair. when we go out for meals, we will bring along the chair as well as it has a belt :D and we can tie it to any chairs at restaurants. outside high chairs dun hv belt and they tend to climb up, of course you cant keep them too long so we tend to hurry with our meals. no problems now as he's so used to sitting down during meal time, will only wanders once he finish and got bored. to keep him from feeling bored, we gave him toys or activity books :D

    yes mimi, totally!!!

    :D but not from this place daphne

    mel mel, nevermind... never try never knew :(

  12. BBO i doubt there will be returning patrons :D

  13. You think it was because they were swamped with customers or was their food truly not good?

    I think there are so many places to eat out that it's not worth going back.

  14. That area now got so many new eateries that I have yet to try.

  15. nate n annie, swamped cos of the advertisement booklet since its new hahaha ppl just wanna try. well, if they're not good, sooner or later they'll shut

    take yr time simon :p


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