Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Gula Melaka Version of Bubur Cha Cha

Bubur Cha Cha

I've made a "purple" one aeons ago :p

This time it's a brownish version cos I've used gula melaka (palm sugar) instead which tasted extra fragrant. Recipe can be found at Kuali.

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  1. erm nice one! ill be in Kl this coming Sat...hehe just to attend the photography event at Times Square....can bring me around? hehe My email is at Send me email if u can ya

  2. sorry ahkiong, i cant this sat cos it's my son kindy's concert day :(

  3. I'm never one for bubur cha cha....and again, I am the odd one out where everyone outvoted me on this darling dessert, which is so familiar to everyone and is one of the oldest traditional desserts that all have known. it me being really picky ar?

    But, you did a really great job....and the photography - thumbs up:)

  4. tis really hard to find good buburchacha these days. I've just gotten to the point were I don't order it if it is listed as a dessert, for fear of being disappointed.. the ingredients are pathetically compromised and so is the taste! so... homemade buburchacha is definitely the way to go i tell ya! SOKONG! lol

  5. After checking your other post in 2004 (my that long) I like the purplish one better. Familiar territory. My mom-in-law spoils me with BBCC everytime I visit her in Penang.

  6. Yum yum, but I still prefer the plain version. Hehe.

  7. hubby and girls love this dessert..... will try to make it once cooking skills improve, can't wait!

  8. my favorite dessert yo! Mom always makes the best lol

  9. nice!! Addition of gula melaka will make it more fragrant for certain! I just dont like grating it. haha.

  10. My favourite!!! Bubur cha cha.. Oh, yummy... I prefer this version really, with the gula melaka! :p

  11. nahhh christy, diff people hv diff taste bud, how to compare? :D

    ciki, go to pulau tikus for the to-die-for bubur cha cha :D go and search for the stall in my blog

    world windows, you're sooo lucky

    jason, both have their distinct own taste huh?

    LCOM, craving for some?

    good luck skinnymum

    alex, can I come to your place when your mom's making some :p

    daphne, i did not grate it though. i dumped the whole piece inside :D

    ooo another gula melaka fan-si mimi???

    very fragrant huh superheroes?


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