Monday, 10 September 2007

Long Beans Fried Rice


Long beans fried rice

Juice all dried up for a proper food post. Since I need to live up to my Fried Rice Queen title, here's another simple fried rice dish where I've used long beans, carrots, eggs and diced Chinese waxed sausages to cook up with some rice. Topped with some fried shallots for the extra fragrant taste.

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  1. queen of fried rice is living up to her name again..that's what i alwiz do during the weekend..lap cheong n egg is my favourite ingredient

  2. kampungboycitygal, i guess that's the simplest meal but yummiest to warm our tummy huh?

  3. Queen of fried rice! Hey, this dish is simple, relatively cheap and mouthwatering delicious!!!!!! Besides, yours look terrific! I experimented with tomyum paste before too.. hahaha.. life on a student budget :p

  4. daphne, otherwise i wont be crowned as the queen by boo_licious LOL

  5. My eggs in fried rice never turn up like that, Did u fry it separately?

  6. You know .. Babe.. i really miss long beans...! i never thought it will come a day i would say this. But we donch have long beans here.. :(

  7. yes tummythoz, fried separately and dun over fried them, leave them a bit runny. then only add them in towards the end

    mamabok, any reasons long beans cant be planted?? can sub with french beans perhaps?

  8. I still prefer char siew and french bean in my fried rice. Used to add the egg at the beginning so it always got a little bit overcooked at the end.

  9. Hi, since u love fried rice, u can try fry rice with the canned pork rendang.
    The pork rendang can be found in most hypermarket's non-halal section (the place where u can find the maling luncheon meats). Fry shallots or garlic, then pour in 2 eggs, lightly beaten. Put rice just when the eggs are about to be cooked. Mix eggs with rice well. Then dunk in the whole can of pork rendang. Fry until not soggy. Serve with cucumber. Nice for a rainy afternoon. Beware! It's spicy. I hope u'll like it.

  10. jason, leceh to purposely buy char siew for fried rice hehe moreover usually fried rice is sort of like emergency food hehe

    thanks michelle. that chinese rendang is called Yuk Ting. i tried not to eat that often cos its very oily. moreover it's from china, so now it's currently being banned from my kitchen :D


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