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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 7 September 2007

Review: Sin Eng Heong's Mini Kaya Puff from Ipoh


I have to declare this - my hubby is a Power Kaya Puff Girls Fanatic!!!!!

Ho Chak on 8TV featured this place in Ipoh that made kaya puffs some moons back. I looked at the puffs, they looked kinda ordinary and the hosts showed the cross section of the puff which to me is like... so little kaya filling one??? Hubby who was sitting next to me was literally drooling away at those puffs and he said he loved kaya puffs, yeah, as if I don't know after knowing him for 11 years! He ordered asked me to write down the details at the end of that segment. At the end of the show, he said "Let's go to Ipoh next weekend and grab these puffs!!". So tell me, is he a kaya puff fanatic or not???

Well of course, it didn't happened the next weekend with this busy schedule. The following weekend, MIL went to BIL's place in Ipoh and hubby was secretly hoping that they will grab him some puffs as I've messaged his nephew asking about them. When his mother came back, he see no puffs LOL... very disappointed.

Many weekends came and gone... finally he need to travel up north on boiboi's birthday. Happily he told me that he will definitely stop by Ipoh to get his dose of kaya puffs. He sms me right after he got his puffs, hmmm very happy indeed.

When he reached home, I saw many boxes of kaya puffs, kwai far goe (a type of glutinous cake with red bean or lotus paste fillings) and hiong pheng. Nearly fainted haha but luckily hubby told me most of them are to be given away. We kept 2 boxes of kaya puffs and one box of kwai far goe.

One box contained 10 mini kaya puffs which cost RM4.50, I've placed a Chinese soup spoon next to one just to gauge the size.

SEH - Mini kaya puff

After one piece, I'm completely blown away! These jewels are sooo crispy and fluffy even it was eaten the next day!!! The flaky pastry is made with lard hence the fluffy texture. As for the kaya, even though it wasn't filled to the brim but it's enough to bask in the same glory as the delicious pastry. Smooth and very fragrant indeed... it's a star on it's own. The best part was... my boiboi who never liked kaya puff kept on asking for more after one bite!!!

SEH - Mini kaya puff close up SEH - Mini kaya puff - half bitten hehe

The fresh kwai far goe is absolutely lovely. I haven't had one in Kuala Lumpur that tasted this good for a long while. The one at Chinatown is no longer "edible". This is soft yet chewy (not tough) with light pandan fragrance (not fake essence) and contained reasonable amount of fillings. My boiboi simply adores them!

SEH - Kwai Far Goe

SEH - addy

SEH - map

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Tummythoz said...

Come so highly recommended? Odd that none of my Ipoh pals mentioned it before. Ok, will get & surprise them!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Kaya Puff...I never tried them before...seems like a new creation. :)

Will said...

wow... looks interesting... and so much smaller than our usual kaya puffs

MeiyeN said...

omg, i have been eating these kaya puffs each time that fiance's mom back to ipoh and she usually comes back to kl with 1 box for my family! my mom loves it sooooo much and i seriously didn't know these kaya puffs are that famous! is true.... very yummy but find it oily over da next day though..

Babe_KL said...

tummythoz, my nephew in Ipoh thot the same too!

bee, kaya puff is not a new creation, been around since even my granparents' time. maybe not common in Penang

will, yeah but can even get tinier ones in KL and cheaper too! of course not so nice

meiyen, i stored them in the fridge and have the few days later and it wasnt oily. the crisp still maintained too! you're so lucky to get regular supply

Unknown said...

it was my fren'z family biz..they are doing so well that they manage to send all their kids to UK

backStreetGluttons said...

yr hubby of more than 10 yrs must have some kaya secrets or issit Ipoh ah ? ( dun get xcited ok ).
thoz kaya small things u can make nicer & better ?

Babe_KL said...

decent earnings indeed but it's all sheer hardwork, kampungboycitygal

team bsg, not true LOL

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..these looks good..will be another item to get when im in Ipoh..

Babe_KL said...

how long is yr list now, joe?

YaHoO said...

u can actually try the kaya puffs in kuala kubu bharu
then can go to the waterfall
nearer to kl as well :)

Unknown said...

Ya..I am Ipoh people bt never tried that until a colleague asked me to buy a box for him. I went there but a shop lady told me it was sold out. Then at evening time, i called for a booking for 2 boxes and she asked me when do i need to collect, i said tomolo 9-10am. Then on Sunday morning I went there, in front on my queue, there was a lady wanted to buy kaya puff but a shop lady told her that have to wait as kaya puff were not cooked. Then i told the shop lady that i have booked for 2 boxes(meaning i come to collect right?). She just looked at me and continued to pack other stuff for the rest of the customers. Then I reminded her again that i come to collect my kaya puff. SHIT!!! she just ignored me! Then I left in frustration. One hour later, I called back and asked if my booking ready to collect. A person on the line just told me it was ready, loud and clear asked me when can I come to collect??!!! Damp Shit!!!! I fxxx her that i just came and your ppl just ignoring me!!!
SO??? what do i learnt and what i need to share??
In this world, if we have spending power, we can look for whatever better food in hamper places.. why need to "spend our $$ buying frustration"???
This shop gave me a very strong impression that "Well... I am famous, if u want to come, come but I just dun like to serve you!!!"