Thursday 13 September 2007

Review: Checking Up Zuup Soup Bar Again

Updated 3 November 2011

This restaurant has closed.


Actually I didn't want to post this up since we've been to Zuup numerous times and we've never failed to like their food. This is all Dr Chen's fault (words borrowed from her too). I'm now officially in her Tungku Club! I had promised her to show how my boiboi drink and eat his Tungku Soup which I had previewed yesterday haha... He's so darn cute and funny! He finished up the soup and chomped down the "bowl".

Wat's Biting?

My boiboi, as like other kids of his age, if I ever ask him what he would like to have for his meal especially when we're in a mall, his reply would be either one of these - pasta, burger or pizza (jwmc's faves too)! Being a kiasi parent, I would usually accommodate. This would be better for me rather than having me to persuade him to eat other stuff. That lunch time at 1 Utama was no different especially when it was just me and him. I conveniently took him to Zuup as they would have his two favourite food - soup and pasta.

This round, I opted for the set meal for the two of us that costed RM16.90. The set came with a soup of the day, spaghetti and iced lemon tea. After checking with the staff, they're serving Chicken and Corn Soup. My boiboi doesn't like corn so I asked for his favourite, Wild Mushroom Cappucino and he specifically asked for the soup to come in a bread bowl (RM10.90)!!! On top of that he also wanted a Ribena Soda (RM5.90), sighhh the bad thing about knowing how to read the menu these days!

His Tungku soup came first and he quickly took the cover off and bite on it before I could even take a pic. So I cheated lah by turning the cover around haha... After 3 bites then he put the cover on and asked me to take pic (the one in the first pic). *roll eyes* This soup is of a consistency we both liked, not too thick nor creamy. He almost finished the whole bowl of soup which is pretty huge in my standard. On top of the soup, he whacked half of the bread bowl! Then he licked his fingers too... it was that good!

Zuup - Wild Mushroom Cappucino in Bread Bowl


My Chicken and Corn Soup in a light creamy based is good too but paled in comparison since I quite like mushroom myself. When the spaghetti (darn, I had forgotten it's name) came, I knew it was a big mistake asking for a creamy based one. Not my fault either cos my boiboi picked one. He hardly have 4 bites of his small share of the spaghetti, duh!!!! Next time, I'm gonna decide for him but then I also kiasi he don't eat. How lah??? I tried to stuffed myself as much as I could and left some behind. This spaghetti have sliced sausages and mushrooms, not as creamy as I had before... delicious!

Zuup - Chicken n Corn Soup

Zuup - spaghetti

Zuup Soup Bar
LG 223, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday From 11:30am to 10:00pm
(There is a 5% Government Tax imposed.)

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  1. Your little boy looks like he has good taste in food! ;p Must be from his mother! The pasta looks sinfully creamy and heavy but the soups look amazing! Love the rustic looking croƻtons as well!

  2. come I got a digitally distorted pic of boi boi? heehee..are you thinking what I am thinking?

  3. daphne, surprisingly the pasta is creamy but not heavy this time round.

    yozora nitesky, NO!!! LOL i did this up before u posted :p

  4. Hahaha.. your boiboi really knows how to enjoy good food. And kakaaka, he can even asked u to take photo of the food. LOL

    The tungku soup in bread really looks good. yum yum

  5. chen, hehehe yeah, when you go 1U, you can try the soups here then go makan cake at Delicious or Bakerzin but you can find Bakerzin in Penang

  6. I love soup...TUNGKU soup to be precise!

  7. Nice soup... Your little boy should enjoy it a lot worr...

  8. jason, his fave soup!

    wmw, wahh both you and boiboi the best of friends

    mark, yeah he likes the soups at zuup

  9. Woooo .... i like soups. I hope i remember to try it when I am in KL next month end. If i happen to ask, pls remind me :P

  10. Hi there..

    Greetings..I am Gavin(one of the owners of ZUUP).

    I am really intrigued by your son's lovely photos..

    Do you think it would be possible if I could make them into a poster for the outlet? We like the "real people, real enjoyment" feel of the photos.

    Best regards,

    (I may be contacted at my email at

  11. great pics u have! all these looks good and delicious e!~ wanna have some bites too

  12. platinumgirl, no problem ;-)

    Hi Gavin, thanks for the offer

    ai wei, time to check out Zuup then


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