Thursday, 20 September 2007

First Attempt With Bagels

I saw these cutesy mini bagels over at Delicious Days and they really won me over. I have been procastinating for some time over bagel making thinking that it must be very difficult until I saw Nicky's recipe. Since I have the ingredients on hand, I embarked on my first attempt in making some bagels.

bagels medley

I didn't do very well cos I've over baked them as they looked kinda pale as I did not brushed egg yolk over them. I thot by baking them slightly longer, the colour would looked more tanned but how wrong I was! When it first came out of the oven, they were hard but crispy just like after toasting them which is not too bad as it's still chewy. However, they turned rock hard the next day, so hard that if I threw one on my wall, it will create a dent on it hehe... I managed to saved those by steaming them for a while and they turned chewy, phew... I need to refine my method again, mainly because I did not knead them enough since my mixer decided to go on holiday. Looks like I could only continue with my bread adventure after my mixer came back from it's holiday.

Loved it nevertheless, when served with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Bagel - smoked salmon & cream cheese (top) Bagel - smoked salmon & cream cheese

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  1. yeah a bit pale in colour but nevermind, as long as it tastes good

  2. It looks very good though.. i would have swallowed it whole..bagel, salmon and cheese haha

  3. wahhh nice! Always like coming you your blog cos all the nice bakes!.. not boils and bakes LOL! But first try is ok ma... save the stale ones to throw at robbers.

  4. Aww...talking about bagels!

    Believe be or not, my last trip to England, I filled up my hand luggage with bagels [different different flavors] because it's so delicious and it's so EXPENSIVE here in M'sia [Never tempted to get any of those at the frozen section at Cold Storage].Your homemade ones looked so tempting, guess time for me to kneed some over the weekends :)

  5. That's what I miss from UK too. The breads here just do not have that same texture. Ditto with the pita bread, crumpets and muffins(English). Am too lazy to make my own though.

  6. kampungboycitygal, must try again then

    yozora nitesky, maybe one day we could hv them for lunchie ;-) i know where to get fresh and cheap smoked salmon :D

    teckiee, darn i never thot of saving them to throw at robber!!!

    l'abeille, have you tried Bagel Station at Avenue K?

    sh, i hvnt tasted authentic english muffins but i kinda like those sold at Meidiya. i've posted it up before here

  7. Looks good wor..never mind, practice makes perfect. I can be your food taster too...hehehe!

  8. despite what u said, hey, at least u tried!! It can be frustrating but hey.... part of the fun is to figure out the mystery on how they can be even nicer!

  9. Not yet but I've heard about it. Should try one of these days :)

  10. kudos for the first try. it still looks yummy. won't mind having one now :)

  11. To a baking idiot like me, I would say you did a good job. You made so many varieties of them. Wow!

  12. Another volunteer for food QC here!

  13. Hey they already look a lot better than those miserable ones at Vienna Bagels. haha. Looks good, tapow?

  14. Ooooh, they are so cute and adorable. I think it's really smart to make bagels mini because the big ones could get tough and chewy...with minis, they are easier to eat. :)

  15. babe: thot the last 2 pictures looks yummy..cream cheese and smoke salmon *drools* looks like a great finger food

  16. pea, yeah need another round of testing first otherwise i give u one to throw at robber :D

    ;-) daphne

    give them a try first, L'abeille

    thanks rachel

    tigerfish, the bagels are basic, just the topping varies

    wmw, haha ok, noted

    paprika, lemme perfect them first then i pass some to you, otherwise keep one in your bag to throw at robber or fierce dogs whilst walking home :D

    bee, i think so too plus small stuff are cuter :p

    sc, i think they are but lemme perfect them first

  17. My favourite.. smoked salmon with cream cheese on bagel.. ;)

  18. Hiya, This is probably an old post so you probably wouldn't read buuut, I couldn't resist writing since you made bagels!

    I love bagels and I bake them all the time for my family. The trick to chewy bagels the next day is to freeze them! If you leave them in the fridge, it will turn rock hard. After baking a batch, just slice them when they're cool and pack it in the freezer. When you want to eat them, just toast them and it's good to go.

    I can't remember the reason but they're not like normal bread, I think it's because they lack eggs or milk to make it springy again. Good luck

  19. mamabok, i used to visit tim horton in the mornings when i was in toronto! always had bagels with cream cheese

    adlina, i do receive comments via my mail so no worries. thanks for your tip but seriously for my first try, i overbaked them haha must keep yr tip in my mind then


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