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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 10 September 2007

Gender Survey Results

My sincere thanks to all of you whom had partipate in my gender survey. As anticipated, I have quite a large amount of female readers, 70% or 190 out of 268 responses. The reason I had this survey on was I need to test out Venus Affiliate program. What Venus?? If you're interested to know further, read on...

A little background - I've chanced upon Notes from Venus, an Asia's women blog community, sometime back. There was a similar site for women based in Penang aeons ago before the blogging era but somehow there isn't much support garnered hence it was closed down. Then there is CloveTWO by The Star but it wasn't close enough to fill the empty void left. When I first surfed up on Notes from Venus, boy I was glad! I was glued to what other women have to share whether it's about home front, health, pets, beauty, parenting, relationships, how to glam up and so forth. Current issues such as Selayang Municipal Council's dog catching competition is being highlighted as well.

I did signed up eventually but I didn't share any articles. Sounded very selfish huh??? But at that time I was struggling to even update my own blog as I was away working on a project but later on I got an email from the editor of Notes from Venus prodding me to contribute to the network. It took me some time before I came out my first post, well up till now I'm ashamed to admit that I have only 2 postings up hahaha and those are actually a reproduction of what I've posted in my blog.

The editor was somehow still very supportive and offered me to be one of their tester on their affiliate program. Since I can't say no in support of being a woman, I'm trying it out here so please let me know if you have encountered any problem whilst visiting.

So my dear SISTERS... ermmm sorry to leave the guys out, keep tuning in as there will be more goodies coming your way from the Venus network. Interested sisters, if you're keen to be part of this, watch this space.


Jun said...

wow... din know such as site existed. definitely watching this space :)

sckhoo said...

yeah. great site. fantastic pictures and recipes. I can see the photography skill evolve pretty nicely as well.

I just copied your recipe on baked macaroni which i hide plenty of veg for my daughter. she loves it. Mine was a little to wet. but, still great.

I am the other 30% from your survey.

Babe_KL said...

yup, jun keep a look out for more info

sckhoo, thanks for your compliments and support. keep coming back for more ;-) ok lah will do more kiddies series