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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 27 August 2007

Yahooo!!! I Made My First Loaf of Bread!!!

I was at Chun Yip the week before last getting some bakery supplies and I saw they're selling some cake and cupcakes premixes which is something new in Chun Yip. On top of these, I saw packets of Low GI Multiseeds bread mix. Gosh it's something that I really fancy being a bread lover. I still remember many years back when BreadTalk hit Singapore by storm, I always have standing instructions for hubby to bring back that lovely and crusty multiseeds buns topped with seeds instead of what other who were craving for Floss! Haha... those were the days. So I happily placed one packet of the bread mix in my basket, with some hesitation of course since I've this phobia working with yeast!

I do not have a bread maker at home but someone had been giving me the itch for the past few months to consider getting one myself but I'm still dragging my feet! Thanks Stupe for the temptations! Nevertheless, the instructions seems simple, just mix equal amount of the Multiseeds bread mix and normal bread flour. Add water and yeast. Then knead your heart out. Heh thank goodness I had a heavy duty mixer which allowed me to knead dough, I managed to saved some elbow grease there.

Since the weather had been a bit cold of late, I placed my dough above a heated pot of water to help in speeding up the proofing. It didn't take that all long to proof it but since it's my first it sort of like ages. I peek into the bowl ever so often haha well just to check if it's raising or not! Well it did of course and boy, I was very happy indeed.

After the dough doubled up, I punched down and shaped half into a loaf before placing in a tin. The remainder, I shaped them into buns. Waited for the next round of proofing before baking them. I sprinkled some water on them before placing some seeds and oats all over.

Multiseeds Loaf - doubled on 2nd proofing

20 minutes later, these babies came out... my first homemade bread!!!

Multiseeds Loaf

They tasted superb when fresh, great to dip in soups or extra virgin olive oil with some balsamic vinegar! I've tried it buttered after light toasting, superb!!! My boiboi had them dipped in half boiled eggs.

Multiseeds Buns

Seems simple and easy but an automatic bread maker would be great to churn out loaves and loaves of bread without having to watch over it heh! My friend, Yozora NiteSky, is on standby too to have a look at some bread makers, well let's just see what's coming our way soon... to invest or not to invest??? Anyone wanna share some thots over this bread maker thingamajic???

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Beans said...

Congratulations babe! I know the feeling I was so happy when I made my first loaf of bread too!

boo_licious said...

Congrats! They look very good.

Dc said...

mana saya punya sample? :P

Ginger said...

the bread looked very healthy and scrummy! well done!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

exactly like the ones at bread story..good job!

wmw said...

Yup, I love the smell of fresh bread. Please "share" your happiness with us! Hahaha...

Patricia Scarpin said...

Congratulations! This is a very beautiful loaf of bread - you go, girl! :)

Precious Pea said...

Next potluck, you bring bread yah?

Unknown said...

wahhhh ... looks good! given anytime, homemade bread and fresh from the oven is THE BEST.

Babe_KL said...

bee nee, ya! ya!!! hahaha

thank boo_licious

bambam, errr you wanna come help knead the dough? hehehe

thanks ginger, joe & patricia

wmw & pea, can but not so soon hahaha need to send my mixer for service first, well unless i knead them out with my own sweat and blood hehehe... so when's the next potluck?

lianne, totally agree with you!

Dc said...

kakaka u said u have a heavy duty machine ma, save urself from dough kneading :P

Babe_KL said...

bambam, need to send mixer for servicing, the motor is leaking :(

sckhoo said...

fantastic. looks delicious

Where is this Chun Yip place? i am searching for bread/cake supply shop.

Can a microwave/convention oven work for making bread? i did brownie and didn't come up nice. will try again this weekend.

You site is amazing, learn a lot from you on how to hide veg for my little daughter (3+ years old), and also hide it for wife as well.

Babe_KL said...

hi sckhoo, thanks for coming by. gosh you're such a good husband haha!!! This Chun Yip that I went is located along Jalan Sultan, next to CIMB. There are many bakery supplies stores around, where do you live?

Go get a copy of Flavours magazine and there is a list of such shops in there.

I think you can bake stuff in yr convection oven but i'm not sure how you operate it when it come to baking. maybe read your manual again for finer details.