Friday, 17 August 2007

3-Course Dinner at KLCC

I met hubby at KLCC last evening. Before heading home, hubby said may as well have our dinner first. Since it was still early and both of us are not hungry, I suggested to check out Taiwan House at Signature Food Court after Boo_licious mentioned that in her blog.

For appetiser, we have one Taiwanese pancake that came very crispy and served with a tub of chili sauce and another tub of soy sauce with chopped garlic. The pancake have a sprinkling of spring onions and we both like the crispiness and best eaten with the chili sauce.

TH - Pancake

We shared a main of Jar Jiang Mien which we have before at their Ampang Point outlet, hence not going to elaborate further.

TH - Jar Jiang Mien

For dessert, we took the escalator up one level and stopped by Vienna Bagels which was also highlighted by Boo_licious and teckiee recently. Since she did a detailed post, do head over there for more information. We found out that it is owned by Auntie Anne's Pretzels that used to occupied the same spot. They must have decided to catch on with the current doughnut fever by introducing these baked bagels. However when I checked their official website there is no mentioned of this bagel at all. So I guess this must be the work of the local franchise.

Hubby picked one with white chocolate topped with toasted almond slices. The server heated it up for us without asking, hence the chocolate sort of like melted. The texture of this so called bagel is totally un-bagel-like. I supposed they did not boiled it before baking. Errr... if this is the case, does it still qualified as bagel??? It's dense and chewy; and I feel it's the same dough used in their pretzels.

Vienna Bagels Vienna Bagels - White chocolate Almonds

We also have 2 scoops of ice-cream from New Zealand Natural Ice-cream which is located at the same floor, a stone throw away from Vienna Bagels. This round I asked for matcha ice-cream which I had always liked and hubby got a mango passionfruit sorbet. A sweet ending to our simple, fast and relatively reasonabily priced dinner at KLCC.

New Zealand Ice-cream

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  1. da bagel sounds bad but still, i hope to try it soon.. :)

  2. Yang toi kiok with hubby huh? Leave me to die in yoga why don't you... Harumph. Must say have not visited food course since they renovated. Its always packed like sardines.

  3. meiyen, the bagel is not bad, just my personal preference when compared with the real bagel. try it, they all look very tempting.

    paprika, yuuueenn wooongg arhhhh!!! *begging for mercy* hahaha aiyoh i err abandoned you on Wed not last nite :p eh surprisingly last nite not packed

  4. What a coincidence! Those were d flavours I bought recently during the citibank credit card buy 1 free 1 promo! Still going thru d 2 tubs.

  5. ehhhh have you try the latest food trend? Chewy cream puff? Me not yet.

  6. hmm a very interesting mini food crawl around klcc..nice and affordable..should try this some time myself..

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh taiwanese pancake? i have to tryyy

  8. nice! step by step instructions on makan-ing in KLCC. hehe.

  9. Actually what is the difference between bagel and donut? OOoo...i would love to have that macha ice cream now...cough cough...eventhough am coughing my lungs out now.

  10. tummythoz, nice huh? i always liked NZ Natural!

    BBO, chewy cream puffs? geee i doubt i can accept that haha

    joe, funny it din come across as a crawl earlier on until you mention this hehehe hmm sounds fun.

    teckiee, it's nice with the sweet chilli sauce

    lemongrass, all under one roof :D

    pea, bagels are like bread but it's chewy type, best eaten toasted with lots of cream cheese and some smoked salmon will be the luxurious version. doughnut is more cake like and fluffier. try bagel station at avenue k.


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