Thursday, 9 August 2007

Review: Bee Connection

One of my colleague introduced a bunch of us to this place, Bee Connection, for lunch a couple of months back. One of us is a HUGE fan of chu cheung fun (rice rolls) did not hesitate to say yes when we asked what is their specialty. Funny, I have walked passed here countless time but it never caught my eyes that they have a few varieties of chu cheung fun and so many variations of honey drinks. Well, it was not too late... for a sweet gem have been found amongst the IT stuff in Plaza Low Yat.

On separate occasions, I've tried their Sambal Belacan and Sweet and Spicy versions. The Sambal Belacan is topped with dry sambal, pounded dried shrimps and some sesame seeds. The sambal is not overly spicy but pretty tasty. I find the combi a bit on the dry side but overall, it's still palatable. The Sweet and Spicy style is served in a soy bean paste sauce and chilli sauce, topped with pounded dried shrimps and some sesame seeds. I liked this one a lot, especially after helping myself to my colleague's pickled green chillies that came with the original version. The sweet sauce is not cloying and went absolutely well with the silky smooth rice rolls.

BC - Sambal Belacan Chee Cheung Fun with Fu Chuk BC - Sweet and Spicy Chee Cheung Fun

Aside from chu cheung fun, you can order some side dishes such as deep fried beancurd, fu chuk, wantan and fishball. Fried upon order, they came very hot and crispy. The fishpaste is fresh and bouncy, very well received indeed.

BC - Fu Chuk, Fishball and Wantan

The star of this place is of course - honey drinks, nope, not the usual water mixed with honey concoction but a whole lot of different mixes and concoctions ranging from cold to hot. I simply loved their Passionfruit with Honey with bits of passionfruits seeds to crunch on. Otherwise a Lime Fruit Squash will definitely quench your throat after some serious shopping upstairs.

BC - Hot Honey Beverages Menu BC - Cold Honey Beverages Menu BC - CCF Menu

See what wmw have to say about Bee Connection.

Bee Connection
Lot LG 4 & 5,
LG FloorPlaza Low Yat
No 7, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2143 2636

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  1. CCF! yum.. but what interests me further r all the honey drinks. I saw the "Black Jungle Honey with Lemon" I wonder what is black jungle? hehehe...

  2. I love CCF alot..!! coz' i'm not a huge eater.. so CCF is good for anytime of the day for me.. :)
    I kinda missed those in malaysia.. coz' you can add yong tau fu with them.. if you need a bigger meal.. :)

  3. Wah looks damn tasty. Got har kow version or not?

  4. I like CCF with deep fried side dishes! The one I can get from my office are all mushy :(

  5. must go there dy! since wmw n u give a fairly good rating to this place..theres ntg to eat at low yat plaza..haha

  6. Yay! My fave food whenever I'm in Low Yat Plaza.

  7. I have my eyes on the fish ball and fish the way, I thought of the dish I wanted to make for Merdeka, will try to cook this weekend. :)

  8. Oooo...i went to this place once. Stood and stare at the menu, the waiter told us everything is nice and we couldn't make up our mind what to order and so we went off. LOL!

    Ok, now I know what to order.

  9. hi joe, did you satisfied your craving yesterday?

    daphne, not sure but i know the colour of jungle honey (the hives are not commercially rear) is very very dark

    hey mamabok, thats one of my reason of liking ccf. wonderful aint it?

    lemongrass, it is very tasty but too bad they don't have the har kow version :(

    jason, try this next time when you're in low yat

    kampungboycitygal, yeah for a change otherwise its always HK food urggh

    wmw, yeah *hi 5*

    bee yinn, gosh i hvnt even think of anything yet :(

    pea, since they dun have many items in their menu, just order everything hehehe *evil grin*


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