Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Review: Yew Kee Bak Kut Teh


Can you believe that this is my first bak kut teh review? LOL... well I don't normally fancy bak kut teh as it contained all the layers of skin, fat and meat but gimme the soup!!! I usually take meat in moderation and currently I'm trying to lose some weight. *sobs* No choice as I find it really hard to lift myself up in certain yoga asanas (poses). It's no fun carrying so much weight and they're all my own... my weak arms can't take them all in! I'm gonna keel over drooling at my fellow floggers delish pictures. *SOBS*

Anyway, back to this place, Yew Kee. It's located along Taman Midah's wai sek kai (hawker lane parallel with Jalan Midah Besar), a corner lot at a lane in between two blocks of shophouses. Hubby brought me here a few times and we can't help but notice the owner keep changing to newer models of Toyota Camry!

Hubby did the ordering of yuk kuat (meaty part of pork ribs) and intestine combo in a claypot that came with beancurd sticks, shitake and enoki mushrooms and baby corn. I've asked for yau char kwai (deep fried crullers) and tau pok (a type of beancurd) too.

The herbal soup here do have the strong dong guai (angelica) flavour and we lapped them all up including the extra bowl that we've requested. I find it nice and warm for my tum. The yuk kuat is all tender up just the way we both liked them without the fatty parts.

All that plus 2 bowls of white rice with a pot of Tit Kuan Yin tea costed us RM24.80.

YK - Yew Kee BKT YK - taupok n yau char kwai

For more hawker food found on this street, check Wong Hoi San Pepper Mixed Pork Soup in Taman Midah.

Find map here.

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  1. wa...bah kut teh seller can get new camry..... i also wan to be open bah kut teh shop already..hehe

  2. mmm..bah kut teh. I'm surviving on those package herbs that allow me to make this dish at home. nothing beats the real thing man!
    I also miss malaysia/singapore prices on food.. the 10% GST in aus is a killer! hahaha. =)

  3. I wanna open a pig farm to supply pork to rich BKT owners like this one! Grrrrr....c2pid 9-to-6 job!

  4. I personally prefer the "original" bak kut teh which is minus the beancurd sticks, mushrooms and vege. The "additions" merely hike up the price or gives them the excuse to reduce the amount of meat. Moreover, it does not really enhance the original herbal flavour of the bak kut teh.

    I'm too picky, huh? LOL!

  5. one of team bsg will never forgive you if you tell him you have never tried royale BKT so now I suppose its safe already OK !

    He proudly claims to be the King of Klang ( original) BKT
    ( , his name is not jackson abdullah sorry ) hahaha !

  6. Yumzz..with the soup alone, i can finish a bowl of rice, no prob.

    Jackson, let's open one....50%50%?

  7. jackson abdullah, can meh? kekeke

    poor daphne, gotta make do first ok before you come back

    tankiasu, you should build a hi-tech one dat recycle the waste as well.

    pablopabla, i guess those additions are to lessen the guilt hehehe

    haha team BSG

    pea, me too. i will just pick the mushrooms and vege :p

  8. Ive tried making my own bak kut teh using the packet seasoning sold in the supermarket. It turned out ok.

    I love BKT with the yam rice with plenty of fresh garlic.

  9. themalaysianlife, yeah me too, garlic and chili padi!


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