Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Marble Cake ala Neopolitan

Err I've been on a baking frenzy the past few weeks. Made the simplest cake of all, butter cake, but it takes lots of skills to know when to remove the cake from your oven as it can turn out to be too dry. Instead of the usual chocolate marbled effect, I added a bit of red colouring to one portion of the batter to create tri-coloured marble cake ala Neopolitan ice-cream. Hmm... my swirling skill still need lots of improvement!

Marbled Cake ala Neopolitan

Marble Cake recipe.

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  1. wow! very colourful indeed.. looks very good..now wonder if it tastes as good as it looks..want to take a bite!

  2. oh me gosh... soooo beautiful and so pretty.. babe, you are darn good! salute you.. :D

  3. That is such a sweet looking marble cake - very nice swirl. I like how you're taking pixs from yr window sill to get the best light.

  4. babejie nice cake, looks like dragon fruit colouring, hahaha, anyhow i relived my blog, hopefully i will have the discipline to repost as continuous as you. :)

  5. the swirling effect looks pretty good to me :)

  6. joe, i noticed you really like cakes huh? ok i got the hint oredi haha

    thanks daphne

    meiyen, practice makes perfect LOL

    boo_licious, no choice cos other places too dark :(

    bambam, keep it up you lazy bumbum!!!

    the expedited writer, really? lol ok i thot the red patch a bit too much

    it would have been if you have brought me some strawberries from your cameron's trip, team BSG!

  7. so pretty, love the pinkie colour swirl, i alwiz get super oily n greasy butter cake one..frustrated..

  8. ya ka? thanks for the compliments, Daryl & Jason

    kampungboycitygal, i noticed when i tried with margarine, its super oily but not much issue with butter. try this recipe then.

  9. I wannnnntttttttttttt.......hehehe

  10. thanks patricia

    ok ok wmw, i got the hint :p

  11. I want to echo most of the comments here at #16 - wah, so pretty! I'm going to try some of your recipes when I have time later - I promise.


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