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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 31 August 2007

Merdeka Open House 2007: Muhhibah

UPDATED 3 Sept 2007 to add in a couple of pics
UPDATED 1 Sept 2007 for late entries

This year's National Day is indeed very special, for our country, Malaysia is celebrating its Golden Jubilee today. No different from last year's inaugural virtual open house, let's just pay respect to the country by singing the National anthem - Negaraku first.


Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Raykat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Last year, we did a run on dishes long forgotten and this year, our theme chosen was Muhibbah but with a twist to it. Participants need to pick their favourite dish of a different ethnic and this particular dish has to be something original and not fusionised or tweaked to fit the modern age. They will then need to explain in detail how this particular dish was introduced to them and why and how this dish became their favourite. Participants are encouraged to post a bit of history of the dish if possible but then I know it's very very difficult. Those who can cook will need to cook this dish up, otherwise they are allowed to pick their favourite place to dine on this dish but they'll need to write about this dining place, a bit of history and so forth.

I would like to thank you all for being such a sport to make this virtual open house another success. Let's not hold on any longer and bring in the dishes... (in no particular order).

Kong Kay from Kuching, Sarawak, raved about it's favourite Melanau cuisine - Sago Worms. These worms are cleaned and then fried before serving with sago corns but I'm not sure if its the same as sago pearls. These worms can be eaten alive too but one would need to break off its head before devouring otherwise... ermmm you click the link and read the consequences!

The Drool Team from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, submitted a very unique wild mango called Bambangan. The flesh of Bambangan is then served with the gratings of the inner seeds! Wow this totally blew me away for I've never eaten, seen nor heard of this fruit until now! This virtual open house is certainly an eye opener for me.

Daphne who is currently located in Perth, Australia cooked up a storm of Chicken Biryani served with Dhall. Now, this is very interesting, she's actually a Singaporean but her dad's a Malaysian and she's currently dating a Malaysian with Chinese and Indian blood. The best part was this recipe was adapted from her boyfriend mother's cook book "Traditional Malaysian Cuisine".

Hijackqueen Jessie, from Kuala Lumpur submitted a type of Malay kuih called Kuih Keria. This recipe is so yummy and easy that you can see a little helper giving her a hand in forming the rings for this kuih.

Penangite, Bee, currently residing in California, US but flies back occasionally to devour all the yummy goodies at home. Bee of Rasa Malaysia fame made a Nasi Kandar dish synonymous to her hometown. She took us down memory lane of a must have dish - Gulai Sotong, whenever her family visit a Nasi Kandar restaurant/stall.

I'm glad that Little Corner of Mine joined us this year from Colorado, US. Check out the hearty stack of Murtabak she had cooked!!! She had discovered this delicacy during her search for dinner at the pasar malam (night markets) and I'm pretty sure she missed Malaysia's most unique "flea" market around the neighbourhood.

Foodielianne from Kuala Lumpur made one of my favourite dish - Sambal Petai. She told me during our cooking lesson about how good this recipe turned out. Her account of mixing around with friends from other races in school did pointed out what I've experienced back then too. I got to learnt so many things from my friends of other races about their culture, customs and religion. They were utmost understanding and were ever helpful.

The taikarjie of floggers, wmw, dugged up her Ayam Percik post from her Kota Bahru trip. You must read the comments made by Michael, an American who could still remember this dish even after 10 years have gone by. Thank goodness Ramadan is coming and this Kelantanese delicacy can be savoured at major Pasar Ramadan around town.

passionfordecor at My Gastronomic Adventure managed to join us in time this year unlike the last. She had made a stack of Chapatis in memory of her grandfather whom she fondly referred as Tok Ali. Even though there isn't any recipe posted but the story is so sweeet.

Teckiee rushed to made some Kaya for this event haha poor girl! She did pretty well even though it's her first attempt. Of late kaya seems to have revolutionalised where upmarket kopitiams mushroomed in the city serving Kaya Toasts!

Next up, Pachadi Cili Muda is served by Boo_licious. She had highlighted this dish done by a little-known race known as the Indian Chittys from Malacca. Head on to her blog to find out more about this race and interesting dish.

Jason, Ipoh mali but currently working in Kuala Lumpur went back to his hometown and got his mother to cook up Nasi Lemak. The pictorial guide really made one drool over the sambal ikan bilis and the condiments. This Malaysian open house would not have been "complete" if not for this dish heh.

As for myself, I've came out with Chapati Served with Keema and Vegetable Dhal. Not an easy feat for someone who dislike long list of ingredients but just for the spirit, I just did it!

I have to salute Sarawakian Cooknengr who is now living in US for his numerous attempts to tebar (toss) or rather knead Roti Canai!!! Up till his submission, he has yet to be able to make his roti canai successfully. I don't care but I will still lay this out just to show the Malaysian spirit of never give up! Thanks Eddie for your efforts.

This year, Audrey is serving us something sweet of Sago Pearl Dessert served with coconut milk and palm sugar. Her definition of this dessert is very apt for this Merdeka indeed. Her sago pearls are so perfect that they glistened like shiny pearls.

I can't help but to insist Su-Yin who is currently studying in Sydney, Australia to submit her adorable cupcakes for this event. Well, it did skewed from the theme but then again... looking again at her cupcakes, you'll understand why. This talented young lady had sculpted 3 cute girls of the 3 major races in Malaysia namely Chinese, Indian and Malay. They all looked too good to be eaten!

Ok, I have another 2 submissions and here they are. Another Kuchingite, Fish Fish who is now working in North Carolina, US, received a pack of goat meat and turned it into a Goat Curry filled with Thai eggplants and basil leaves. It's fun to see how innovative Malaysians can get with the substitutes with the various ingredients.

Just Nad from Kuala Lumpur made Dim Sum for her Merdeka breakfast yesterday!!! Amazing, how meat is being sub here as well. According to Nad, the steamed one didn't turned out looking good but the fried ones is another story. (Will update the pics here later as I'm rushing to go out like now!)

I apologise if I have left out any of your entry. Please drop me a mail to let me know. I'll update your entry ASAP. I'm very happy to have received so many entries for this year's open house. I wished I could sit down and enjoy every dish laid out for real... errr but I'm not too sure about the sago worms though but if Kong Kay is around to prod me, I think I might give them a try.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Thank you once again for participating and also to those of you whom have dropped by to devour (by your eyes instead of your mouth haha) these special dished laid out on the virtual table. Selamat menjamu selera...

Wishing all Malaysians, Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka Ke-50!!!

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Rarebeet said...

Wow, what a fantastic feast!!! I am annoyed at myself for not getting round to submitting my entry! Oh well, theres always next year... Well done everybody, I'm feeling very grateful for our country and her diversity. SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA!!!

chenboon said...

selamat hari merdeka.
interesting way of reading, now i can see all the delicious food from different place around Malaysia in 1 post.

teckiee said...

wahh the sago work looks so cuteeeee... can we get those in KL?

Tummythoz said...

What an impressive open house dishes. Malaysia (food & foodies) boleh!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Babe - Good post. Thanks for doing this! It was fun...forced me to cook the gulai sotong (lazy to clean the sotong), which obviously wasn't a mistake...yum.

PlatinumGirl said...

Wow .. all the delicious food in Malaysia. I've never tried the sago worms albeit staying in Kuching. Seen it in market though .. a bit geli lar. Squirm squirm squirm.

I sent you an email Boolicious. Love to meet ya soon :P

Unknown said... was truly an eye opener..thanks babe for organizing this

Big Boys Oven said... my.... there are so gorgeous discovery and creations. I just missed this one.... never mind will participate the enxt one.!!! Fantastic!

J said...

Sorry Babe...
I missed out on it again...
(My fault - got too busy with work before Merdeka and then went to Singapore for holiday...)

Maybe if I start practising my cooking now, I will have something worthy for next year's Merdeka open house...
(Thanks for organizing - this year's post was really interesting with all the Malaysian faves and wiggly worms)

wmw said...

I wonder about the Sago Worms...tasted some a different variety in Kunming. It was cheesy! :o) Pretty nice!

Babe_KL said...

paprika, J & BBO, no problem, there will always be next year ;-)

chenboon, joining in the fun next year?

teckiee, err no idea ler

tummythoz, i thot so too esp with the exotic dish hehe

bee, me too... a first with long list of ingredients hahaha

hi platinumgirl, yes we received your mail, will reply shortly

kampungboycitygal, thanks for coming by

wmw, cheesy? nice? :p can find in KL or not?

Unknown said...

I am not a food blogger but i love checking out food blogs. Thanks for getting the best ones all under one blog.. now i will continue salivating all over my keyboard.... :)

daphne said...

thanks again for organising this. I had fun! The sago worms.. hmm..i wonder if i ever hv the guts to have it?

how exciting! can't wait for next year's theme! =)

MeiyeN said...

hey babe, well done! everyone has their own specialty.... really muhibbah! :D

Jason said...

Sorry for forgotten to submit my details and pix to you that day. Was doing my things and I just left after that. Hehe..

Thanks for taking the effort to putting up such event ;)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Selamat Hari Merdeka!
What a feast for my eyes. Thanks!

Babe_KL said...

*pass cloth to yozora nitesky to wipe keyboard*

thanks daphne for being a sport!

meiyen, they do! i'm glad this turned out pretty ok

jason, no problem then, lucky i remember salivating over yr nasi lemak. thanks to you and mummy ;-)

east meet west kitchen, thanks so much for coming by

chenboon said...

join next yr? good idea... need to brush up my English now... ;P

Will said...

makes me real hungry seeing all these food pics :P

rokh said...

oh no, i missed this, sigh in midst of transition...remember to invite me for next year though :P