Monday, 27 August 2007

Merdeka Ice-Cream Goodies

Just a plug for ice-cream lovers, New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream (pssst the Malaysian site is wayyy cooler than NZ's!) is giving 50% discount for it's ice-creams and sorbets by the scoops, pints or quarts from 27th till 31st August 2007!!!

I just had 3 scoops of them earlier and packed a quart back hohoho... so hurry and rush to the nearest kiosk for your fix!

McDonald's is offering its sundae cones at 50 sens each on the 31st (except 2am - 7am)!!!

As for Baskin Robbins, purchase any double scoop ice-creams, you can have dry toppings added for 50 sens each.

That's all the scoops I've received, anymore do let me know!!! Whoopeeee... this Merdeka, a lot of Malaysians will be on a sugar high Friday!


  1. WAH! cheap cheap! That's an excellent deal.

  2. definitely daphne. i wonder i'll go for more scoops today? hehehe

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