Friday, 24 August 2007

Triple Whammmy! A Birthday Cake Story...

Due to hubby's extremely busy and erratic schedule, we did not manage to plan ahead for boiboi's birthday this time round. We were supposed to have a party on his birthday (today) but the daddy have to go outstation on that very day hence we celebrated early. We had celebrated my boiboi's last Sunday, only after deciding the date last Wednesday. So there is no way that poor boiboi gonna get his dream cake this year as promised for the mummy have called Nigel way too late to order a cake topped with a sugar paste sculpture of a Subaru Impreza WRX STI as promised to boiboi. What a whamy!

So the "clever" mummy decided to bake him a cake just like last year but we did not get any toy Subaru to top the cake since boiboi have so many of them in different colours and sizes. As there isn't much time to plan for the cake, the mummy decided to make a Chocolate Truffle Cake, for the very first time! And guess what??? The second whammy came when the sponge cake came out all deflated!!!! Instead of getting 2 nice layers, I got one instead LOL!!! Lesson learnt - NEVER EVER bake something new for important occassions. I noticed that I have heavy hands hence I could never ever fold in the flour as lightly as I should could. Sighhh...

However the sponge did tasted great though. In order not to let it go to a waste, I decided to turn them into tiramisu the next day. Again, this failed! OMG... triple whammmy! Blame it on my heavy hands again for I did not fold in the egg whites light and fast enough. So everything all gone down the drain!

Now back to the birthday cake, I baked the simple fool proof Mississippi Mud Cake with the little time left. Topped with a chocolate glaze and simply tossed in the rainbow coloured sprinkles, candies and kisses. Thank goodness boiboi was still excited when he saw the cake, well all because of the candies that he liked are on it!

bd cake

So darling boiboi, when you could understand what you read when you're older, that's how your mummy AND daddy (must drag the culprit in the water as well) screwed up did a boo boo on your supposedly dream cake. I guess you'll just have to wait another year then...

Have a blessed 5th Birthday, my darling! *MUAKS*


  1. WAAHHH.. the Mississippi Mud Cake looks absolutely mouth watering that I was almost salivating all over my keyboard..hint hint HINT!!

  2. awww... that' such a lovely cake! happy birthday to your boi boi and may he grow up healthily and happily! :D

  3. yozora nitesky, i did let you tried once before hahaha :p

    thanks meiyen


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