Tuesday, 28 August 2007

REMINDER: Merdeka Open House 2007: Muhibbah

Just a reminder that you'll have exactly ONE day to submit your entry for this year's Merdeka Open House 2007: Muhibbah.

A big thank you to those of you who have submitted your entries earlier. Do come back to party and salivate over this year's spread on 31st August 2007. I can promise you that there are some really exotic fare on the table which you would never even have heard of even if you're a Malaysian!

Do join us ok.

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  1. babe, so sorry that once again i won't be able to take part.... just too busy with everything :(

  2. yaya..you are like their spokeperson..I'm sorry too..I din get to join this year..will try out the cupcake recipes tat u posted up

  3. Here's my very late entry - made it!


  4. no problem meiyen

    you would like those cupcakes citygal

    wmw, me too! very exotic fares this time round

    boo_licious, thanks for making it on time


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