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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 7 July 2005

Un-traditional Swiss Roll?!??

This is gonna be a quick post, been bogged down with work and posting will be sporadic.

One day we were at the pasar malam (night market in Malay. Pasar malam is some sort like a flea market selling all sorts of things like food, drinks, clothings, traditional medicines etc. They are usually held weekly in a set area of a housing estate.) near my mother-in-law's home.

I need to buy something for boiboi to snack on and also for his breakfast the next day. Went checking out the food stalls and chanced upon this one that sell all sorts of breads and cakes. Gosh, it has been a while since I went to a pasar malam. The magnitude of the type of breads and cakes available is simply amazing. It's so dang hard to pick something as everything looked so delicious.

Ok finally the lady seller recommended this...

Image hosted by

Looked kinda visually appealling yeah? Can you guess what is this other than it looked like a Swiss Roll???

Thanks to the innovative Singaporean (read FLOSSS from the famous Bread Talk), the chicken floss phenomenon hit Malaysia sometime last year. We can find every darn thing topped with chicken floss and floss of various variety too! And so this Swiss Roll has chicken floss on it!!!!

Basically the floss is sprinkle on the outer layer of the sponge cake. Roll up the sponge with the help of some whipped cream. My boiboi whacked two pieces that evening and another two the next morning. I think he likes it. To me everything was ok except the whipped cream part. The sponge cake is plain, not sweet at all, which is fine and it went well with the floss. The weird thing is the whipped cream is slightly sweet! Urrghhh... it just doesn't go well with the plain sponge cake and savoury chicken floss.

Would I buy it again??? The answer is NO. Hahahaa unless they use unsweetened whipped cream. Blehhhh...

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