Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Quickie... Babe's Version

Go read Cyrene's post first before continue!!!

Immediately after she was done with the phone call, she paged me on YM and relate the whole thing to me. She made me laughed at my monitor aiyoh... My cubicle neighbours must have thought I've gone chi sin (crazy in Cantonese) liau. Whilst still laughing, hubby called me...

Me: *laugh* *laugh*
Hubby: Harlow, I'm done at...
Me: *laugh*
Hubby: Huh???
Me: *laugh laugh laugh*
Hubby: Woit what's happening??!!??
Me: *laugh* *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*
Hubby: *laugh* woit stop la, don't waste my money!!!
Me: *laugh* Cyrene *laugh* *laugh* just *laugh* told *laugh* *laugh* me *laugh* what happened *laugh* *laugh*
Hubby: *laugh* What she tell lah??
Me: There *laugh* the gurl who answered *laugh* *laugh* the call *laugh* *laugh* thought you were *laugh* *laugh* an European *laugh* *laugh*
(by this time my eyes were tearing and tummy started to ache)
Hubby: Wei call me back when you're done laughing!!

I updated Cyrene what happened and she was laughing too... then relate more on how his slang sounded like. Gosh more laughing. Once I got myself composed, I called him.

Me: BTW, can you tell me how you pronounce your nick just now??
Hubby: I was just using British accent ma...
Me: Faster lah, how it sounded???
Hubby: *pronounced Hook with accent* *laugh*
Me: *laugh* *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*
Hubby: Yau kwan ngor si??? (What has that gotta do with me in Cantonese)

Hahahaha aiyoh I was laughing so loud!!! I think he's in his sarky mood today... leftover from yesterday kekekeke...

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