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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 1 July 2005

Mango Nectar With Malibu Sorbet

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Look at this... I've got myself a couple of packets of 7D Mango Nectar. BTW, what's the difference between juice and nectar??

I was kinda surprised of the sudden influx of 7D mango products the past few months. This 7D is a famous brand of mango products in Philippines. At the moment there are some kiosks in KL selling 7D stuff ranging from sweets to dried mangoes. I saw these nectar in the supermarket and can't resist to try them out.

I quickly stored them in the fridge after I got home that night. The next day, I poured out one pack, aiyah (a local exclaimation), the consistency is kinda watery unlike the usual mango juice we get here. Took a sip and it's kinda bland. Well could be a good thing that sugar may not be added. I forgot to check the label gosh! Too excited I think. Took more sips and really no kick... then I scanned the bottle of Malibu on the shelf hahaha gosh how come I never taught of that.

Malibu® (you need to be of legal drinking age in your country to access their site and pop-up is required) is actually coconut flavored caribbean white rum. We love to mix this into our pineapple juice and orange juice. Due to it's sweetness, the liqour part of it doesn't really hit you till you gulp down a few glasses of it. It's a great liqour to peppered up ordinary fruit juice.

So there I was sipping more of the peppered version, the whether was so hot and it struck me that I should try making sorbet. I've never make any before so I took out the other pack and poured them into a container together with some Malibu. Froze it for a couple of hours. Removed and stirred it a bit with a fork. Cover and place in the freezer again. I forgot all about it until the next afternoon. Took it out and break it further with a fork. Next, I blend it with my handheld blender, woooo... so easy! I can see the texture turned from icicle into really fine ice. Once done, I took one spoonful. Whoa... nice especially after peppering with Malibu. Hubby have some even though he was coughing a little hahaha and he scolded me for making this when he's coughing. I whacked the rest of it. Really yummy and refreshing. Try it ok!

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Unknown said...

Nectar is from der flowers mah, I thought.... juice is from the fruit, right?

Babe_KL said...

yalor but how to collect juice from mango flowers???

Makan Kings said...


Oooooo. Nice Sorbet. Too bad dont have any Malibu right now. Otherwise can try to make some.

-Makan Kings-

Babe_KL said...

Makan King, can make one without malibu, just use juice

Unknown said...

Babejie: Something tells me u need to get a lot of little honey bees to cough up enough mango nectar to fill the bottle....

Babe_KL said...

aiyah DH niamind la, next time u come i make some for u. hope u dun go *hic hic hic* hehehe