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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 18 July 2005

Hampalang Letak Fried Rice

Hahahaha funny title eh??? Thanks to Bac Kor Kor with his trademark hampalang (Cantonese for everything) sapu (sweep in Malay) which literally translated as everything will be taken in. However my title reads Hampalang Letak (put in Malay) which means "Everything Add-In Fried Rice" a phenomena happened when you scour your fridge and see what you can whip up in a short time.

Checked my fridge, found cooked rice, left over canned fried dace and eggs... ahhhh... so can fry rice. Rummaging further, found some meat (diced it), onions (diced) and choy sum but I've used the stem only. The choy sum leaves were blanched, and drizzled with garlic oil and sauce sauce.

Assembled everything within reach, scrambled the eggs first in some oil then dished up. Flaked the fried dace then poured into the wok together with the oil and black beans. Add in the diced onions and fry till opaque. Next put in the meat which I've marinaded with some soya sauce and cornflour. Fried till cooked. Placed in the diced choy sum stem and continued to stir-fry. Place in the rice and mixed thoroughly. Seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. Be careful with your salt as the black beans could be salty. Lastly stirred in the eggs and dish up. Sprinkled some fried shallots to further enhance the fragrant fried rice.

Done, fast and easy... hampalang letak fried rice!!!!


Makan Kings said...

Nice!! Could also do fried rice with those canned pork cubes(the ones from china that is abit spicy). Taste good too!! Or luncheon meat!!..or....ehheeh. Fried rice is a very versatile dish!

-Makan Kings-

Babe_KL said...

makan kings, yeah yuk ting, long time never eat those gosh... sudden craving liau

Reid said...

Hi babe_kl,

Wow this looks good! When I was in Singapore, I had the best fried rice with ikan billis. I want to eat it again!