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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 8 July 2005

Far Sang Woo

Far Sang Woo (Peanut Soup or was it Porridge in Cantonese??) is one of my favourite tong shui (sweet soup in Cantonese). Nothing beats a bowl of smooth and creamy far sang woo. This far sang woo is rather tricky to make, if the peanut is not grinded fine enough it will be grainy. Should the far sang woo is not stirred and mixed properly, it will have lumps. The ratio of the liquid and ground peanut must be the right proportion too, otherwise the soup will be overly thick or too thin to be considered a woo. Some seller take the quick way and use peanut butter but that make the woo tasted slighly salty urghhhh...

Sighhh that's why I never attempt to make any. It's just too leceh (troublesome in Malay) plus I'm quite leceh to be pleased too kekekeke. So far there is only one place in Kuala Lumpur that I find the far sang woo is to die for... KTZ (Kei Tuck Zhek literally means Remember to Eat in Cantonese). Recipe is here if you so decided to make an attempt and please do let me know the result.

This bowl is the tar pau (Cantonese means take-away, a term commonly used in Malaysia) version. Hmmm... really fits my perfect version of far sang woo - creamy, smooth, not too thick nor thin, sweetness is just right.

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This KTZ started off with a humble beginning in Kepong Baru. They started off by selling mostly dessert like tong shui and steamed egg custard. Slowy they expanded to sell snacks like dim sum, some Shanghainese delights ie. sticky rice rolls, steamed lotus leaf rice and so forth AND not to be missed all the lovely sago-lo (shaved ice topped with fruits and fruits puree mixed with sago pearls). Business was so good that they've no time to make the steamed egg custard anymore... bwahahaha... I want my steamed egg custard!!! *sniff*

From one hawker stall, they have now expanded to quite a number of outlets ie. Jalan Imbi; Citrus Park, OUG and SS2 in Petaling Jaya. Their latest venture a stone throw from their hawker place in Kepong Baru is a noodle outlet. I've eaten there a couple of times and the noodles are delicious. Will blog about them next time when I bring my digicam to catch some yummilicous photos. All these outlet are air-conditioned except for the main one which is still a hawker stall by the road side standard.

We have tried their air-conditioned outlets but somehow (I'm not sure if it's psychological factor or what) the food served do not taste that great. Whenever we have the sudden attack of cravings for tong shuis and snacks, we will head on to their Kepong Baru stall. It's easy for me since my parents home is nearby, about 10 minutes drive away. Maybe the additional factors of sweating it out plus the lashing of dust generated by the vehicles passing by the busy road hahaha...

Strange it may seems, a few of my foodie friends seem to agree with me. So, I'm not the lone loony woman... hahaha so I'm still ok. Promised to blog more about their food when I have the photos.


Makan Kings said...


Wah!! The fah sang woo looks very very good!!

Love KTZ's sago-lo. Especially the mango -lo and the honeydew-lo!!

-Makan Kings-

Babe_KL said...

Makan Kings, not does it look good, taste great!

i guess mango-lo is their all time best seller!

Anonymous said...

hi hi
i do agreed that eating out by the roadside seems to be better tasting than in the restaurant, maybe its becos it is more value for money :P and maybe the tar smell from the road, and the longkang smell :P hehe

Edwin said...

walao.. damm slurpy.. fah sang wo is also my favourite tong sui... hehe..

must ask my wife to test out the recipe liao.. keke

Babe_KL said...

hi anon, i think it must be those elements kekeke...

ed, tell us when yr low por make ok, we all come and makan :D