Friday, 15 July 2005

Egg Sponge Cake

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Check 'em out!!! These babies really bring me down memory lane... These are the unique teardrop shaped kai darn koe (egg sponge cake in Cantonese). Mom bought this from the market for my boiboi. These days they come in smaller size and they looked kinda cute. We used to eat them rather often when we were kids. Those days we don't have fanciful bakeries with all those bombastic named cakes. We have to resort to eating market bought kuih-muih or cakes for snacks or breakfast. Neither do we have the privilege to have a mom who can bake plus where she would have time as she needs to look after 3 monkeys at home!! hahaha

I remember these sponge cakes have a crumbly texture with a wonderful eggy aroma and flavour. Usually I picked those that are darker in colour hehehe as the outer layer tasted the best. The mini version doesn't fail me either... one bite... wahhh really brought me back to Nostalgia Lane! Ahhhh.... wonderful...

I purposely placed the ladle against the mosaic tiles hahaha which was very popular then back in the early 80s. My mom's kitchen still have them which is good as it seems to be coming back into fashion.

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