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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 14 July 2005

Ang Koo And Wong Thong Koe

To continue with my previous post on kuih-muih, these were amongst the bag of kuih-muih daddy bought.

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In the background is something called Wong Thong Koe (literally translated from Cantonese as Brown Sugar Cake) which originally available in white - Pak Thong Koe (White Sugar Cake). This cake originated from gosh I think Hong Kong or was it China?? Somebody tell me please? Somehow, it got Asianfied with the usage of brown sugar or could it be palm sugar?? These are actually steamed rice flour cakes. The texture is somewhat look like honeycomb cake, sticky and soft with a tinge of tangy taste. It's hard to find nice tasting ones these days. The one I tasted here is not too bad. I've tried searching the web for more information on this cake but I can't find much since I can't read Chinese.

The other two are Ang Koo (Red Kuih in Hokkien), yes, even though they come in myriad of colours these days, they're popularily known as Ang Koo. The fillings inside range from mung beans, red beans, coconut cooked in palm sugar, peanut and so forth. This time, no image on the fillings since I did not eat them hehehehe... One piece each of Kuih Koci and Wong Thong Koe are really too much already for me. For more delicious photos of them, check out at Shiokadelicious.

Fascinating information on Ang Koo:

Did you know that the shape of the ang koo tell the sex of the newborn baby??

Due to modernisation and the creativity of cooks, we can now indulge in ang koo shaped jelly.

The story of a Nyonya kuih seller.

Recipes can be found here and here.

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