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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

A Moment of Silence Please...

Got a terrible news last night... my cousin sister had succumbed to cancer. She's only my age... darn I'm so sad. She detected a tiny lump on her breast about 2 years ago and it was tested malignant. A masectomy was ordered and was told chemo is not needed. Last year, she found a tiny lump behind her neck, got it removed and chemo was completed late last year. As she was recovering, few weeks back the doctor scheduled a brain scan to be done and we were told to prepare for the worst. Goshhh the scan is supposed to done this coming Monday but she never made it.

My parents visited her 2 Sundays back and she seems all right. Last Sunday, her mom called mine and asked her to go over to talk my cousin sister into admitting to the hospital as she was not eating well, throwing up all the time and feeling dizzy. My mom was not successful, neither the whole family was successful.

My mom related this to me and hubby on Sunday night, I told my mom that my cousin sister had lost her will to live which hubby agreed but we never expected her to leave so soon. She left behind a devoted husband and a pair of lovely 9 years old non-identical twins (one boy, one girl) plus a bunch load of family members.

This is going to be hard on everyone of us... I still remember the good times we have during school holidays at her grandma's (my grand aunt) place. We would usually stay over there and create a whole ruckus for my grand aunt... from climbing the guava tree in front of the house, eat together, bathe together (more like playing water in the bathroom) and slept on the same bed together! Over time as we each grew and have our on life, we seldom meet up as often as we should. This got me thinking last night that all the more we should cherish our life (which I'm doing pretty well) and loved ones (this one I need to work harder) now than its too late.

I think hubby told me this before ~ each additional day in our life is a bonus given to us. Cherish it!


Julian said...

Am so sorry to hear that. Take care & God bless.

Babe_KL said...

Thanks Julian

Makan Kings said...


Please accept our condolences. Its always hard losing a love one. God bless.

Take care,
-Makan Kings-

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that.
Please accept my deepest Condolences.

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear about your cousin's passing. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

HandFullOfFlour said...


Our condolences. She will be in our prayers.

May the Lord grant strength to her hubby and kids to carry on.

Matt & Cyrene

Chen said...

Sorry to hear that, my deepest condolences to u & your family members.. It's indeed sad to lost someone whom we love ..

Yeah, I do agree with u, cherish every moments we have, cos we don't know what is going to happen the next minute.. Life is short. I always remind myself, do not procrastinate....

May she rest in peace.

Babe_KL said...

Thank you all. It's very comforting to be able to hear from so many of you, some even strangers. I'll be off tomorrow for the funeral.

Reid said...

Hi babe_kl,

So sorry to hear about your loss. Sincere condonlences to you and your family.

Babe_KL said...

thanks reid