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Review: MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee

Updated 3 November 2011

Has since closed but there's an outlet in Sunway Pyramid.


Let's do a sugar high friday today...

MOF stands for Ministry of Food which originated in Singapore. Originally an izakaya but over in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, MOF stood as a place for coffee and Japanese desserts. The desserts are focused on the various creations with soft serve ice-creams. MOF also serve a slightly more luxurious version, Hokkaido gelato ice-cream, using creamy and rich milk from Hokkaido. Light sandwiches are available too.

The modus operandi here is look at the menu then mark down your order at the order chit and most importantly, indicate your table number on it haha. Bring the chit to the cashier to place and pay your order. Then wait for your order to be serve at the table.

We have these in a couple of sittings... and we simply loved them all!

This is Macha Kurian (RM15.50) which Capt'n Hook had. It has a lot of ingredients in there. The soft serve ice-cream is surrounded with kanten jelly, fruits, Japanese dumplings (like our kuih ee or tong yuen) and Hokkaido red bean paste; topped with macha sauce. The not too sweet ice-cream went extremely well with all the ingredients.

Macha Kurian (RM15.50)

I had a Macha Mixed Imo (RM11.00) which is essentially deep fried Japanese sweet potato and yam served with red bean paste and soft serve ice-cream topped with macha sauce. I loved the sweet potato as needless to say it's really fluffy and sweet. The yam was just all right. Being a nut who dips hot french fries into sundaes in McD, I simply like the pleasure of having the hot sweet potatoes/yam together with the cold cold ice-cream. Not only the taste exploded in the mouth but the hot and cold sensation is just great. Errrm it's something nut like me can't explain but those who shares the same pleasure will understand :p

Macha Mix Imo (RM11.00)

My boiboi who is a much simpler person opted for a plain old soft serve cone (RM4.00). He asked for chocolate flavour but they only have soft serve in vanilla which is just as great cos vanilla is his fave. I asked him to try our share which he refused, most prolly he thought those green tea topping must be some kinda vegetable puree and I know he dislikes red bean paste in this kinda manner with the exception in a bao.

Soft Serve Cone (RM4.00)

At another time boiboi tried Hokkaido Gelato Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce (no price this round as I did not pay for them). This is just plain old soft serve ice-cream topped with a thin chocolate sauce. This time the difference was this ice-cream is made with Hokkaido milk which made it slightly creamy in texture and melts pretty quickly.

Hokkaido Gelato Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce

Capt'n Hook had this mango thingy - soft serve ice-cream with mango slices on a bed of shaved ice drizzled with mango puree. This creation is just fabulous but the mangoes could have been better if they use mangoes from Philippines.

Mango on bed of ice

This round I tried the Hokkaido ice-cream range of which I chose Shira Sesame Hokkaido Gelato Mini (RM9). There were 2 scoops of black sesame flavoured ice-cream topped with black sesame puree and dumplings. This is something black sesame fans would love. The flavour is simply fragrant and just look at the price!! It's a steal as compared there was once we have one tiny scoop of black sesame ice-cream for RM8 at a certain Japanese restaurant in town.

Shira Sesame Hokkaido Gelato Mini (RM9)

We also shared a hot dessert of Abekawa (RM11). It's oven baked mochi sprinkled with kinako (soybean flour) and some red bean paste on the side. We liked the outer layer of the mochi which is super light and crispy where else the middle is gooey and springy. I feel its best to eat whilst they're hot as once cold the gooey centre became kinda chewy.

Abekawa (RM11)

This outlet is located at a corner lot opposite Mercato supermarket and we noticed there is a new Chinese restaurant opposite, next to Pepper Lunch. As we looked closer it seems like another outlet owned by MOF, the name is Emperor Q if not mistaken. Anyone been there already???

MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee
Lot 1.02.00, Level 1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2144 1489
Pork free. Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

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  1. Missing these really good Japanese ice-cream desserts with that special twists.

  2. All the desserts look so yummilicious esp Abekawa. Must check it out in my coming trip to KL. Tks for sharing.

  3. I must have that black sesame ice cream! I must! What are those white balls served with the ice cream? Tell me they're gooey mochi!

  4. i find the dessert quite authentic as they do use the actual red beans, etc frm Japan. But you didnt find it too sweet?

  5. the black sesame is calling to me!!

  6. yum yum..! i like the black sesame one as well :D

  7. worldwindows, what's stopping you???

    you're most welcome, food for tots

    yes yes 550ml jar of faith, those were mochi

    nomad gourmand, i usually can't tolerate too sweet stuff but these were all right with me

    go go go rachel!!!

    *hi 5 c&c*


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