Thursday 29 January 2009

Review: Reunion Dinner at Hakka Restaurant


Today's the fourth day of the lunar new year. I hope all is well with everyone... had a safe drive home, merry makings, happily feasting away etc...

I had this reunion dinner with Capt'n Hook's family at Hakka Restaurant. I didn't realised that they were established since 1956 as stated in the paper napkins even though I've been following them around in the city from the now Chuai Heng at Jalan Raja Chulan to the former bungalow that Yasmin Restoran (darn I so missed the Malay fare here) used to occupy at Jalan Kia Peng. Now their latest shift is back to Jalan Raja Chulan ermmm which is actually just a stone throw away from their Kia Peng place. You'll need to go in via Jalan Kia Peng and drive on pass Menara HLA, then when you see Borneo Baruk Club, you need to slow down and keep left. Hakka Restaurant entrance is right after the club. Parking is limited here so you either pay RM5 to the jockey or exit the restaurant and drive round to park at the carpark next to their old place.

53 Years Old Hakka Restaurant

Since the outstation brother-in-law and his family didn't manage to make it back this year, so it was only a small affair with 4 adults and my boiboi. It was full house that night and I see them turning away walk-in patrons. Luckily we made advanced reservation weeks back.

We started off with half a portion of Salmon Yue Sang (raw fish RM38).

Salmon Yue Sang (half portion RM38)

Here's us tossing away for prosperity and good health...

Lou Hei!!!

I loved these Beancurd Skin Parcels with HK Choy Sum and Mushrooms (RM28). This is a vegetarian dish as the beancurd skin parcels contained mushrooms and gosh I can't really recall what's inside cos I was too tired to bother what I ate :p but the combination was great. The choy sum was young and crunchy.

Beancurd Skin Parcels with HK Choy Sum and Mushrooms (RM28)

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (RM21) was ordered for my boiboi. Lucky for this dish especially the sweetish and sourish ketchup sauce, my boiboi managed to have some food down his system. What I like is the thick slices of fish, at least can taste the freshness and flesh. The way it's done here is very old school as the dish is topped with cucumber and tomato strips that are pickled lightly in vinegar and some sugar, just like how my mom did with hers.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (RM21)

Next we have a very high rated Kampung Chicken in Rice Wine Soup (RM45). The soup is thick with loads of chopped ginger swimming inside devoid of black fungus, totally different from the version I usually cook. Capt'n Hook enjoyed the soup till the very last drop. Certainly warmed up our body as the temperature inside the air-con area is rather cold.

Kampung Chicken in Rice Wine Soup (RM45) Kampung Chicken in Rice Wine Soup

Right after this, our dish came to a halt, we waited for more than 20 minutes and still no sign of our Harm Darn Har (Prawns Coated with Salted Egg Yolks RM50). After countless reminder, the prawns finally arrived. This version is something new to us. The prawns were deep fried with some salted egg yolks encrusted on them but it's kinda dry and not creamy like those we normally have. Other than this, there were bits of yolks fried with red chili padi scattered all over. Thumbs down by everyone.

Prawns Coated With Salted Egg Yolk (RM50)

The last item we have was just a simple Lotus Paste Chinese Pancake (RM10) which also took ages to arrive. This is my fave dessert but Hakka's version is extremely oily and the pastry is soaked with oil. The combination of pastry and lotus paste is not even as well with too much paste. The pieces went limp when lifted up with our chopsticks. Should have sticked with their yummilicious Peanut Soup!

Chinese Lotus Paste Pancake (RM10)

I know it's a Hakka restaurant but we did not order anything Hakka cos it's tough to finish their signature Fatt Choy Hoe Si (Pork Knuckles with Dried Oysters and Fatt Choy) or deep fried knuckle with so few of us. The other dishes that I liked are their Crispy Roast Chicken, Lap Mei Farn (Waxed Meat Rice) and their signature tofu dish.

Our bill came up to RM229.34 after adding in the rice, tea and towels plus 5% Government Tax and another 5% Service Charge.

Hakka Restaurant
No. 90 Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2143 1907

BTW, this is a short plug... those flying MAS to destinations like China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan will enjoy special Chinese menu during this Chinese New Year period. Passengers will get to enjoy cuisines like pan fried silver cod served with soya sauce glace, yong chow fried rice with crab meat and diced scallops, stir-fried noodles with chicken and julienne vegetables, steamed red garoupa ‘yuh siang’ style, BBQ chicken pau and Chinese congee with shredded dried scallops, depending on the actual meal cycles applicable on each flight.

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  1. Kong Hei Fatt Choi!

    Er, wat else to say, ah?

  2. Gong Xi Fatt Cai to you and your family!

  3. gong xi fa cai!

    I previously thought that this place was a tourist slaughter house, apparently not. :D

  4. Whoaaa.. yam seng... so nice, I've never done that, hehehe...

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

  5. so the food is so-so only or some dishes are better than otrs?

  6. thanks Chow, got strings of them worrr :p

    thanks BBO

    KY, the tourists usually eat their steamboat which i think quite ex, otherwise the meals are good

    Selba, come and try this one CNY

    Nomad Gourmand, did you read what I wrote :p cos I mentioned only the prawn and pancake on that nite wasnt good wor :D I supposed like the rest, we hv to stick to their signature dishes

  7. Gong Hei Fat Choi !! Pou Pou GOu Sing ! San Tai Gin hong !

  8. Happy Niu Year to u too!!!

    Wah.. i love love love chinese pancake like those..usually red bean but lotus paste sounds as good!

  9. happy chinese new year! I love the chinese pancake... when done right, it's one of the most delicious desserts around!

  10. thanks bernsy & mimi

    daphne & suannie, ya ya but this one is a sad pancake. am still looking for a good one

  11. happy new year babe and family!!

  12. oh oh.. okies ;)
    Cos tonite got reunion dinner there better i cam recom to them wat to order!


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