Monday 19 January 2009

NZ Natural Ice Cream Dessert Workshop

Last Saturday afternoon I had loads of fun with a few of my fellow floggers at The Cooking House courtesy of New Zealand Natural Ice Cream (NZ ice cream) and The Cooking House. My family is quite a big fan of NZ ice cream and I was literally jumping for joy when the invite came in. Can't say no for this hahaha.

The workshop started off with Chef Lee demonstrating how to make a chocolate sponge cake. Gosh it was so easy and I had always wonder why my sponge cakes always failed. Glad to have learnt a technique or two here. Then Chef Lee moved on to the butterscotch cookies.

NZ Ice cream workshop mosaic1

After the demo, we grouped up and made these two items. It's best to be able to be in the same gang as our celeb baker cos things moved fast and everything was done professionally hahaha errr except for a certain mishap :p I'm not sure with the rest (Simon, WMW, Precious Pea and Teckiee) but my hands were shaking with so many long and big fat lens aiming at our way hahahaha... there were a lot of paparazzis from the various media agencies.

NZ Ice cream workshop mosaic2

Later on Chef Lee demonstrated on how to assemble the desserts by layering cakes/biscuits with the various flavours of NZ ice cream. The best part of the day of course was the tasting bit.

Mango Heaven - Mango Serbet n Ice Cream on Japonaise

Thanks again to Edyth of The Cooking House for making me part of the workshop and New Zealand Natural Ice Cream for accommodating the floggers.

Walnut Butterscotch Surprise

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  1. great shots.. and thanks for the invite.. next time really MUST make it!

  2. any leftovers? am willing to be your guinea pig :)

  3. Next time ask them to label the salt. lol

    Nice meeting you for the first time.

  4. Argh, I was just a bit late to reply your mail :(

    Next time!

    And Happy Chinese New Year Babe!

  5. thanks c&c, yeah next time, sure will have something installed

    leftovers you have to go Cooking House to get them, kampungboycitygal

    LOL simon!!! shhhhh...

    next jason, sure got chance one ;-)


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