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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Malaysia Airlines Dinner for Bloggers

Ahem... as if a sponsored dessert workshop is not enough for the day, I was invited to a dinner by Malaysia Airlines last Saturday via their agency. Well I'm not sure if it's all right to name the agency here, anyway, I would like to thank Anna for extending the invite not only to myself but to Capt'n Hook and my boiboi as well.

The dinner was at Mum's Place, one of my fave but I'm wondering why I never featured them before! MAS had invited 25 bloggers which I think is the right number for an intimate affair. Even with that small number, it's hard to mingle around since it was a sit down dinner. I didn't take much pics as all of them arrive much later than us. Capt'n Hook went to catch up with his Brand's Blogger Challenge team mates which surprisingly all turned up at this dinner.

I tell you, I'm seriously "star strucked" as this was my first so called public appearance amongst the bloggers. Other times were with the floggers but this time there were mostly lifestyle bloggers. I can't imagine myself rubbing shoulders, well shaking hands to be exact with star bloggers like Huai Bin, Wingz, Suannie, KY, RedMummy, Sultan Muzaffar, Kenny Sia and so forth.

Seated at the same table with us were Cindy, John, Kampung Boy, City Gal (gosh at least got fellow floggers whom I've met before), and Simon (oh yeah he's darn popular haha he's here with me again). Kenny came in late with Nicole and Ringo, and I'm not sure who else. Sorry horrr since I'm not a lifestyle blogger and its hard to catch up on everyone. I know Joyce came in later too, that I can recognise her. Kenny was nice enough to came round to say hi. Funny moment was when he said "Hmm you looked very familiar. Like I have met you somewhere before." to Capt'n Hook, it's like stealing Capt'n Hook's infamous line as he can remember faces very well but not their names :p

I've learnt that MAS is reaching out to the masses now via the net so I supposed the best way to do so is via the bloggers, hence this dinner meeting. I'm glad Capt'n Hook was around since he's a frequent flyer and would most prolly be able to relate his flight experiences. Hopefully there will be more to come from MAS.

BTW, we were tossing yee sang (prosperity raw fish dish)... YAY my first for the year!!! Ermmm if Mum's Place is reading this... your yee sang had too much of those yellow and green crunchy bits which rendered the dish too dry and crunchy. Just go easy on those two yah ;-) Otherwise, it's perfectly all right. Sorry lah can't help cos I blog about food :p

I loved all the dishes served with hot white rice. Ranging from Otak-otak Cubes, Portugese Beef Slices, Asam Pedas Jehanak, Prawns with Butter and Garlic, Devil Curry and vegetables (based on my past memory I hope those were the correct names for the dishes we ate). I missed the super hot cencaru with petai served here, hmm might be great to bring my Dad over during Chinese New Year.

MAS Dinner mosaic

Thank you Wai Fong for being so accommodating and entertained my boiboi's request. He's utmost happy at the dinner but it's just too bad it was school day for him to replace the Chinese New Year holidays hence he dozed off on daddy's lap. We have no choice but to leave early. It ain't pretty to deal with a sleepy child!!!


Thank you to the media relations staff of Malaysia Airlines and also the agency for the wonderful evening, oh yeah plus the yummilicious souvenirs!

MAS souvenir mosaic

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Unknown said...

it was nice meeting you again..n ur boi is really cute!

Selba said...

How nice to be invited by the MAS and gather with the other bloggers :)

ahkiong said...

how i wish i got the chance to join as well. We hardly have any bloggers gath in sarawak

Simon Seow said...

Nice meeting you again for the 2nd time on the same day lol. By the way, Ringo's name is Ringo, only 1 'g'.

Kana said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!

Wingz said...

hey thanks for your calling card and nice to meet you, captain hook n your 7yo too!

Ciki said...

Phooowarrr! celebs r so cool

Huai Bin said...

It's great to meet up with you. I now have your really cool mini blogger card. =D

Hope to see you in events in the future soon now that I'm in KL. :)

It's been a pleasure, and yeah, the number was just about right for an intimate dinner.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wahhh, celebrity bloggers gathering. ;-) Looks like you had loads of fun. :-)

Babe_KL said...

thanks kampungboycitygal. i was so glad to see both of you

yes indeed selba

ahkiong, perhaps you could organise one?

thanks simon ;-) nice meeting you too

we did maya!!!

it has been a pleasure to meet the hansem wingz :D

c&c, ya ya the celebs very cool, i so malu actually hahaha

thanks huai bin, you take care of yourself in KL ok

yes we did LL. hmm how come no sponsors invite all food bloggers in malaysia??? :p

Rasa Malaysia said...

Aiya, how come they didn't invite me??? Would love to sub shoulders with the who's who of Malaysian bloggers.

Babe_KL said...

Bee, i think very ex to fly you in kekeke

vialentino said...

i wish i am at the event itself...