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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Review: Gardenia's Banana Walnut Loaf

I was in Singapore for a few days in December and I totally fell in love with their supermarts hahaha... IF I turned off my auto-currency conversion, I could shop for a lot of stuff not found in Kuala Lumpur and the prices seems reasonable.

One of the item I had loved so much that I brought back loaves... it's just plain old loaf of bread off the shelves of supermarts/7-11s - Gardenia's Banana Walnut loaf!!!

Gardenia Banana Walnut Loaf

I must be so mad huh? I'm quiet sad how come Gardenia Malaysia do not produce so many choices plus the healthier range??? Just look at Gardenia Singapore's website, you can scroll down the long list of items on the left menu and start questioning! You can also compare both websites and ours looked pathetic :( plus load so much slower.

It's no joke ok cos in Singapore, they have focaccia, multi grains, low GI, country loaves etc etc... the list is endless. Are the Malaysian consumers less sophisticated and less health conscious?? Aww come on Gardenia Malaysia... do some market research and you'll be surprised. I also found Sunshine bread which long disappeared from our shelves. My dad used to buy them from the roti man especially the brown ones! I still remember the colourful waxed wrapper, darn I so missed them now.

Anyway, back to the banana walnut loaf, it's really superb with generous amount of banana and walnut pieces scattered all over. The banana fragrance that perfumed the loaf does not smell nor tasted artificial. The bread has mixture of plain flour, wholemeal flour and banana puree which render a soft textured bread. I simply loved it, best when eaten on its own! True to their tagline!!!

I've tried them toasted - plain and with peanut butter. I even made french toasts with them heh BUT it's still the best when eaten on its own.

Gardenia Banana Walnut Loaf - toasted with peanut butter Gardenia Banana Walnut Loaf - french toasted with peanut butter Gardenia Banana Walnut Loaf - french toasted with honey

Capt'n Hook is going Singapore tomorrow for a meeting and going to hand him my shopping list for breads :p yippeeeeeee!!!!

Thanks love hahahaha... for having to tolerate with a mad woman :D

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Rebecca Saw said...

oh my god!!! that is my MUST buy when i'm in Sg! And i will buy min 5 loaves - freeze them n eat by toasting it! Plain is best.. or even with cheese!!
My friends tot i was nuts ;p
Besides that they got atr one-Fruit n Nut, corn, choco chip - or that could atr brand - cant rmbr..errr..but its sooo good compared to Msia ones! Its MUCH heavier and compact. here we get the "empty fluffier" ones..
ahh.. i so miss this..

worldwindows said...

Good times to talk about bread albeit expensive ones! I love those round Sunshine loaves with butter or Margarine!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think its the marketing strategy..gardenia generally targets the lower end of the consumer introducing all the expensive range, who will buy? esp if its 6-7 bucks a loaf..

Kana said...

Maybe it will be in Malaysia by the end of the year! My mom would be buying the whole lot!

Eva's said...

Hi there I luv ur blog especially on the cooking part. I wonder are u working or a SAHM?

Babe_KL said...

grrrrr nomad gourmand, why Gardenia don't make them here???

worldwindows, ya ya the brown ones spread thickly then sprinkle coarse sugar!!!

joe, there are ppl like me and nomad gourmand hahaha... my fren is also a big fan

sighh Maya I'm not sure but I'm not optimistic about them making it here :(

hi Eva, thanks for coming by. i'm a working mom, no such luxury to be a SAHM hahaha

Peony said...

that's my fave loaf too.

Babe_KL said...

aww peony you're so lucky to have access to them so easily :D