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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 5 October 2007

One of Chinese Cooling Drink

This post is dedicated to IX XI :-) I hope the name and photo would be able to help you with your purchase and cooking.

Errr I don't know the name of this drink/sweet soup (tong shui) but if you can read Chinese, check on the packet below. Nowadays the Chinese Medicine Hall tends to prepack their herbs readily for buyers' convenient. I just bought this packet without asking for its name, silly me!

Chinese Cooling Drink02

This packet of drink consisted of the following:
Suet Yee (White Fungus)
Pak Hup (Lily Bulb, Mandarin is Bai He)
Yuk Chuk (Mandarin is YuZhu)
Dried Longan (Mandarin is Longyanrou)
Lin Chi (dried lotus seeds, Mandarin is LianZi)
Candied Ginseng (Mandarin is Renshen)

Chinese Cooling Drink Ingredients

All I did was dump in all the ingredients into a pot of water (use more as it will dry up as you boil along, however, if you think the ingredients ratio is too much as compared with water after boiling for 2 hours, add in hot water bit by bit to your desired amount) and simmer on low heat for about 2 hours. Sweetened with brown rock sugar to taste towards the end.

Chinese Cooling Drink01

Kinda like the usual Pak Nien Hoe Hup but this one have candied ginseng which is the first time I came across this item. This candied ginseng did lend a hint of ginseng flavour in this drink.

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Jun said...

hey babe... the chinese characters are just 2 characters for "tong shui" ;p haha so much for hoping to find out the name eh? but i'm guessing this is a variation of leng chee kang or ching po leung...

Ms One Boobie said...

I missed this alot..! we can't buy it here.. unfortunately.. :(

daphne said...

I'm too lazy to peel the lin chi. If only they have this pack here too! so convenient.

Babe_KL said...

jun, ya ka?? cheh!!! hahahaha but this one nice la got a hint of ginseng

poor thing mamabok. can order online or not?

daphne, soak the lin chi with hot water then it's easier to peel. anyway sometimes i opt not to peel them, no harm too just that the soup is not clear in colour

rokh said...

i'm always contemplating to try out the prepacks. somehow feel like want to 'chap yok' myself, end up did not do so lol

Babe_KL said...

rokh, yeah but a bit troublesome hehe