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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Review: CCF, YTF & ABC at Madras Lane Stalls



Was trying to type out those names in full but decided they were too long, hence used the acronyms. Now that I looked at them, these acronyms kinda widely used by us, no? CCF - chee cheung fun (flat rice noodles); YTF - yong tau foo (tofu/vegetables stuffed with fish paste); and ABC - air batu campur (shaved ice concoction).

We went to Chinatown recently to grab some stuff on a Saturday and decided to drop by Madras Lane, behind Pak Peng Building, to have a bite. Since my boiboi was with us, we ordered his favourite CCF and some YTF to go with them. As usual he went on his "don't wanna eat" mode and showed his puppy eyes protest but the moment the CCF arrived, he was tucking them in. Asked for fishball and helped himself to deep fried foo chuk (soy bean sheet) too! Now, that's my boy!

I can't recall the stall number of the CCF cos there were 2 there. Hubby ordered from the busy stall as he usually prefer to go by the flow. Later he noticed why the other stall wasn't so busy... cos their CCF costed a bit more, if not mistaken 20 sens more per plate. I like my CCF to be soaked in bean paste sauce, chilli sauce AND pickled green chillies (not shown on pic cos I added later)! Each piece of YTF is 80 sens which is freshly cooked and disappeared fast from the trays! The workers have to prepare, stuff and cook them non-stop as the demand is forever high.

Madras Lane - CCF

Madras Lane - YTF

We have ABC and cendol (pictured) later to cool down as it can get hot and stuffy at the hawker centre. Nothing to shout about these two but at least the cendol is not the frozen type.

Madras Lane - Cendol

Just a reminder, before you order, do ask the stalls where you can sit to eat their food. The hawkers are very territorial here! Other than CCF, YTF and ABC, my makan kakis like to come here for assam laksa and curry laksa too! Hmmm yumyum... thinking about the thick curry with loads of cockles now!

To access here without walking thru the market, walk thru Pak Peng Building, Jalan Petaling or via the lane opposite the Sri Mahamariamman Indian Temple, Jalan Tun HS Lee.

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daphne said...

i miss YYF eggplant stuffed... =(

sc said...

haha..i sure can relate to the territorial hawkers scenarios :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

yikes! u're making me hungry, girl!!! I love CCF!!

Big Boys Oven said...

Hahhahahaha.... we should bring your boiboi on the next food outing!
I wonder why you don't drink coffee?

Babe_KL said...

daphne, is it possible to cook it yourself? :p

sc, it can get very scary cos once we were caught in the middle of patrons and hawkers argument over seating arrangement

lemongrass, perhaps we should form a CCF Lover group! i know lots of CCF lovers

BBO, you wanna pinjams my boiboi arh? :p after drinking coffee, my stomach will churn like washing machine then i will feel very dizzy and high LOL

Ms One Boobie said...

You know Babe.. i think my brat would love CCF too.. because it's smooth and easy to swallow.

wmw said...

CCF! Yumz...ABC not too bad, the chendol has a funny chewy texture!

Babe_KL said...

;) mamabok i think too

wmw, yeah i agree with you

Josette said...

My mom loves KL's CCF, which I think can't be found in Penang! Too bad!

Babe_KL said...

josette, really cant find these in penang?? the funny thing is we down in KL hv limited places dat sells penang style ccf wid heh koh haha

Bernsy said...

alls this yummies maximus..... but I don't know when I will have the time to go down there to makan those stuff...