Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Silken Tofu Topped with Minced Meat & Prawn

This is an easy peasy dish but a firm favourite with the young. Silken tofu is a very versatile ingredient but it is mostly used in soup or simply just being drizzled with dark soy sauce and shallot oil. I normally make a minced meat sauce and pour all over lighlty steamed silken tofu.

Making the minced meat sauce is very simple indeed. One can use either minced chicken or pork meat and some cubed prawns (my boiboi don't take whole prawns, so I have to hide them this way). In hot oil, sweat some chopped onions. Next stir in the minced meat. Cook the meat till lightly browned before adding the prawns. Add some chopped garlic next. Keep stirring. Pour in some water and add in seasonings like oyster sauce, wee bit of dark soy sauce, little bit of sugar to balance out and pepper to taste. No salt is necessary since oyster sauce would be enough. Cover with a lid and simmer for a while to let the meat tenderise. Once the sauce is reduced to the amount you would prefer, thicken the sauce with cornstarch solution by pouring some cornflour mixed with water and keep on stirring the sauce. Remove from fire and pour sauce all over lightly steamed silken tofu. Top with some chopped spring onions (not shown in pic) and serve with rice.

Silky tofu topped with minced meat & prawn

Note: After steaming the tofu, remember to pour away the water collected on the plate. It's actually liquid that seeps out of the tofu.

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  1. That looks very delicious! I had something similar at a restaurant in KL but it was on fried tofu. Seeing that I dislike deepfrying, steamed tofu seems like the perfect substitute.

  2. su-lin, i guess it's healthier plus less cleaning to do :p

  3. mamabok, you shld, i think chloe would love this!

    wmw, simple but taste good

  4. hello.. is boiboi means something? I have a 5yo boy who hates any kinds of shrimp/prawn. I have to hide it to make him eat it.. xixixi.

  5. Devi, boiboi is my 7 yo boy :D

    there are many ways to hide prawns, minced them and make into cutlets, inside wantons ;-)


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