Friday, 5 October 2007

Friday is Pimping Day

(1) Remember this face!!!

This is a photo of the "apple medium" who is alleged to have raped a 10-year-old girl at least six times!!! Photos pinjamed from Shifting Sand since I was the other banana whom did not managed to grab these pics from SinChew, also read Reveal them.. these fiends, evil beasts! for we shared the same thoughts over this.

Those with information please call investigation officer Insp Hafisz Pirzada Samsudin at 012-7848416 or the Segamat police at 07-931 2222.

(2) Please sign Stand With Burma petition as things are still not as rosy as reported.

For the best local reporting on the situation in Burma, try this link:

(3) Go pledge your organ!!!

I can't help it but glad to know that Tee Hui Yi managed to get a heart transplanted not once but twice! Apparently her body rejected the first one and she underwent a second transplant last night. Thank goodness there was another donor came by last evening. Let's just pray her body will accept this one.

I have pledged my organs, have you? Read more at Gift of Life and download the form. Remember to send the form to the address stated in there AND also inform your next of kin of your intention. Otherwise, they'll protest and refused to have your organ harvested.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. how to have a happy weekend with the depressing news? i think i'll need one of your cooling drink...

  2. it is so shocking and disturbing looking at the "french kiss" pix....she is just a 10-year-old girl ~ *sigh

  3. haha kong kay

    ling, yeah and to think the English dailies never publish these pic until few days later only posted his mugshot!

  4. Thanks for this post - I'm shocked at these photos Sin Chew managed to dig up. Wish I could read Chinese!


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