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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Review: Yin Futt Kuok Vegetarian Restaurant

A group of my friends have lunch at Yin Futt Kuok Vegetarian Restaurant recently. We opted for vegetarian since one of us is a full time vegetarian since young. Yin Futt Kuok rarely disappoints me with their yummy dishes, noodles and pastries. Yup, they do bake some lovely Wife’s Biscuit (loh por pheng), the bestest Almond Biscuit, mediocre Siew Bao and Walnut Biscuit (hup toe soe). Wife’s Biscuit and Siew Bao are available in the afternoon.

We picked a whole load of dishes with very “meaty” name but rest assured they’re all mock meats. Let’s walk thru what we ate…

First up was a Seaweed Soup. Basically a very simple soup that has seaweed, tofu, enoki and shitake mushrooms, carrots etc. Good to warm up our tummy but really nothing special about this soup.

YFK - seaweed soup

This is Assam Fish. Mock fish slices were deep fried before a sweetish, sourish and spicy assam gravy is poured all over them. The gravy has lots of ladies fingers and tomatoes which lent a sweetish tang to this dish.

YFK - assam fish

Floss Tofu (Yuk Zung aka meat floss) is one of their specialty which I totally loved. This was introduced to me by a vegetarian colleague. Deep fried silken tofu drizzled with light gravy and topped with meat floss made of mushroom stems. Such deep fried tofu is hard to replicate at home since one need a huge wok of oil to fry the tofu quickly without overfrying the tofu. Yin Futt Kuok’s ones are perfectly done. The floss tasted nice, almost if not nicer than the real thing.
YFK - yuk sung tofu

Kangkung Belacan. I find them just ok only since I can’t compare this vegetarian version with the actual belacan that will give this dish the absolute aroma.

YFK - kangkung belacan

To pacify the meat lovers, we ordered a pig’s trotter for them haha… the trotter is actually yam wrapped with a type of beancurd sheet that acts as the skin. The deep fried trotter is served in a bed of gravy with baby bok choy on the sides. I tell you, the skin is sooo sooo crispy to emulate a trotter’s skin. The filling has a just nice hint of 5 spice powder. We polished this dish off in a jiffy.

YFK - pig's trotter

Last came the Futt Putt (Yam Ring) which is a must order here. Steamed yam/taro are mashed and shaped into a ring before being deep fried. An assortment of ingredients ranging from a few types of mushrooms, baby corn, water chestnut, mock meat, carrots etc are cooked separately before placing them into the yam ring. This dish is finished up by some deep fried glass noodle.

YFK - futt putt

We ended our scrumptious meal with some complimentary papaya. Yin Futt Kuok still stands as one of our favourite vegetarian restaurant in town. Can’t remember how much we’ve paid since I did not do the deed. I doubt if I ask Miss J, she would remember either hehe…

Do note that they do serve mixed rice during lunch except on Sundays. Ala carte includes individual rice meals and noodles.

Yin Futt Kuok Vegetarian Restaurant
52, Jalan Hang Lekiu
Kuala Lumpur (near Jalan Gereja)
Tel: 603-20707468
Opening hours: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm (last order 8:30)

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow. Vegetarian "meat" floss. Amazing. Who needs the real thing, eh? ;-)

daphne said...

gosh....the pig trotter ... *speechless*

i have been searching for along time for a reliable hup tou soe (walnut biscuit) recipe and each time I tried, I just can't get the right texture.. =( if u hv any.. must let me know please.. =)

Ms One Boobie said...

Unfortunately for me.. Babe.. i got no kakis for vegetarian food. Now i know who to look for.. :) everythng looks yummy..!

Babe_KL said...

LL, uh huh :p

daphne, i've never made hup toe soe before cos i always come here to get the almond biscuit hehe it's nicer. will try to get a recipe for you ok.

mamabok, come come let's have vegetarian feast when you come back

Jason said...

Jln Hang Lekiu? Is it facing Jln Raja Chulan?

ShopRave Diva said...

Hello Malaysians,

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Tummythoz said...

Long time no lunch there. I remember it's not cheap but then again, usually mock food are more expensive than the real thing. Must b the labourious hours involved huh.

Babe_KL said...

jason, its the next road parallel to Raja Chulan. diagonally opposite Segi College

thanks for the invite diva

tummythoz, yeah it's totally not cheap, even an indivudal portion of rice or noodle are from RM5 onwwards!

Jason said...

I know where it is already :)
Thanks for the direction!