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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Mid-Week Updates

After taking the double-boiled pear concoction the second time round, it seems like I'm coughing less but not for XXL. He said he's having chesty cough. After dinner last night in Pudu, we spotted a couple of those leung char (cooling drinks??) stalls that serves wong lo kut (a type of super bitter leung char) which my parents have been urging XXL to visit one since he started coughing. XXL, as usual resisted as he liken them to saw dust! Nevertheless, he downed one bowl last night, hoping that it will bloody cure his irritating cough.

Now the original wong lo kut doesn't taste like saw dust, it only tasted so after various powders or rather herbs are added to the bowl! If one is feeling heaty, feverish or just under the weather... find one of these leung char stall and tell them your problem/ailment and the seller will mix in the types of herbs that will supposedly cure you. After drinking a bowl of these, they will give you some sweet leung char to counter the bitterness.

PabloPabla of HoChiak! sent me a tip via email of just double-boiling fuji apple with rock sugar without any water. Since I do not have any fuji apple, can only try later but thanks PabloPabla for the tip. Whilst he was at it, he informed me that he couldn't load my Comment pop-up box completely. Hence, he can't leave me any comments. I wonder who else is encountering this... If you do, could you please drop me a line. Thanks.

I know, I haven't fix everything on my template especially some of my links and labels cos I've tried everything and it's still not working. Dang weird. Will try again when I'm absolutely in the mood or when I can find a better template. *Ahem* Any volunteer out there would like to design me one in exchange for some cakes?


tankiasu said... Wong Lou Kat in tin cans are selling everywhere. No need to boil it yourself already. :P

teckiee said...

haik.. my eyes is playing tricks on me again. At first glance I tot you found another new place to have lui char... but its leong char.

Babe_KL said...

sexi beast, canned one dun come with the sawdust concoction :p

haha teckiee... go eat more carrots and kei chi