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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 26 May 2006

Sugar High Friday: Ginger it Up!

This month's installment of Sugar High Friday (SHF) is hosted by Ruth of Once Upon A Feast - Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories. She had cleverly picked ginger to be included in our creation. I've thought of making steamed ginger-flavoured milk curd but I was still unsucessful after many cartons of milk wasted to perfect the recipe some time back. We had to literally drink up the ginger-flavoured milk concoction instead. It tasted all right but after many cartons I guess enough is enough. I could have make a sweet potatoes in ginger syrup but nahh it's way too simple.

I searched through the net for some inspiration and this came to me... Ginger-flavoured Lychee Sorbet. Hmmmm nyaammm nyaaammmm... seems pretty easy to fit into my schedule plus I have many cans of lychees in my larder given to me during Chinese New Year. I don't really like lychees so what better way than to turn them into another form.

All I did was placed all the lychees into a container and poured some of its syrup from the can. Grated some ginger (amount according to your liking) and squeezed the juice into the lychees. Then I used my hand-held blender to whizz them up. Cover and place in the freezer. Once it's frozen, I break the ice up and whizz it with the hand-held blender. For finer ice, freeze it up and whizz it again. Serve with some lychees on top. As easy as that.

Ginger-flavoured Lychee Sorbet

Sorry for the lousy photo quality. It's hard to photograph whitish stuff. For the original recipe, check it out at Kuali. I kinda like the subtle hint of ginger in this sorbet which is not too sweet. Great for a person who doesn't really like ginger nor lychees hahaha...

Thanks Ruth for being such a wonderful host.

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