Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Cameron Highlands Part 1: The Land of Work Horses

Ahhh finally got some time to blog about our recent trip to Cameron Highlands. For Part 1, I just have to pay homage to Angus' cousins!!! The highlands is filled with Land Rover Defenders in all sorts of shapes and colours with a scattering of some older generations of Range Rovers. These Defenders are used in the highlands to transport workers and goods such as vegetables and flowers grew in the highlands. Many of the farms are located in very steep slopes of 45 degree or lesser. There is no doubt about it that this is the only job for a work horse like Defender.

Darn, we missed Angus so much!!!

My boiboi had a field time counting the number of Landies up there but he tends to lost count since the most he can count on his own is up to 20. He was very very excited... every nook and corner he would bump into one and he will go "Look there is a yellow Defender", "Hey there is another ONE", "Wow look another Defender... you see, it's green colour one!!!" etc... nonstop ok till we got off the highlands. *roll eyes*

BTW, new models of Defender are not sold to civilians here in Malaysia with the exception in the highlands. This model is used mostly by the military and fire brigades in Malaysia. If you ever notice that most of these Defenders have huge label CH on their doors. These Defenders are meant to be used only in the highlands with restricted usage up to Tapah as they are paying cheaper road tax.

We spotted this beauty on our way out of Bala's Chalet. It was drizzling then but we just have to stop and grab some pictures. Even my boiboi couldn't resist and posed next to it. Awwww we missed Angus awfully . I wonder how Angus is doing now. Anyway this Defender is sooo outrageously cool!


I did a search and found that Emma and Lee Perham jazzed up this Defender to travel from Lee’s birthplace in the UK to Emma’s birthplace in OZ. Quoted from their website UK 2 OZ...

UK 2 OZ is a self funded 4X4 overland expedition. Our aim is to travel through 4 continents in 10 months, fundraising for Action Aid. As part of our journey we hope to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the world’s people, culture, and environment, whilst challenging ourselves through new physical and mental experiences.

Check out Emma's and Lee's journal here.

def04 def02

UPDATED 25 May 2006 1.00am

Okie to clarify on Boo_licious comments. Sorry for not being clear enough as I was half asleep when I was typing away last night. The new models of Defender are not sold to civilians openly by Land Rover Malaysia unlike their counter part Discovery and Range Rover. They would not have any Defenders displayed in the showroom. We've asked Land Rover Malaysia before and their reply was it's just too costly due to the exchange rate. If there are civilians who have enough dough they can order them. As in those older Defenders you can see on the road, some Landie fanatics actually sought after the old vehicles that were disposed by the Army or Police forces. Next, they will mod and refurbish them. Most of them transplanted Japanese engine especially Toyota Land Cruiser for cheaper maintenance. These Defenders are then used in their off-road expedition. Check out Land Rover Owners Club of Malaysia on how Landie enthusiasts in search for a Landie, how they laboured over modifying them and of course their exciting expeditions. Landyshah is one ofthe prominent owner. He had put up a website dedicated to this.

(I actually wrote this up yesterday morning but I can't seems to upload grrrrr... blogger ka apa??)

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