Thursday, 4 May 2006

Review: Tuck Kee Dim Sum


We were back at my parents and only went back close to midnite. Hubby had this sudden cravings for yue mai (also known as fishball in dim sum term), not any other yue mai but those from Tuck Kee at Taman Bukit Maluri in Kepong. You must be wondering why huh???

There was once my brother brought some back for him and ever since that encounter, he had fallen in love with Tuck Kee's yue mai. I'm not a big fan of this but I've tried one and I totally understood how he felt and why he craves for more. Their yue mai is rather huge, about the size of ping pong ball. It's very springy and has no fishy taste which explained that they've used very fresh fish paste. As if that's not all, inside the paste, there are scattering of red chillies and spring onions that impart a very fragrant aroma to the yue mai. They're first deep fried before placing into the bamboo steamer to be steamed. Try once and you'll understand what's the hype is all about the fishballs!!!

tk yue mai tk yue mai01 tk yue mai02

Tuck Kee have all sorts of variety of dim sums and we've ordered a few that night. The siew mai (a type of pork meat mixed with shrimp meat dumpling wrapped in wantan skin) was kinda skinny to me but taste wise not too bad actually. They squeezed in the ebikko on top just before serving.

tk siew mai

Next came the har kaw (shrimp dumpling)... wooo this one is very nice. The texture and thickness of the skin are just right and I have to give full marks for the freshness of the shrimp inside. So crunchy and tasty.

tk har kau

This is another type of dumplings similar to har kaw but I can't remember the name.

tk har kaw

Since I loved brinjal, hubby ordered one plate of stuffed brinjal (aubergine stuffed with fish paste and lightly pan fried. Somebean paste sauce is poured over it when served.). Nothing spectacular here since my mom can make better ones heh :p

tk stuffed brinjal

Hubby had a loh mai kai (steamed glutinous rice). I took a couple of bites and I find it ok. This is the wettish type but the glutinous rice texture was not overly soft, still maintain the chewiness.

tk loh mai kai

On another occasion, we had the char kueh (also known as char kueh kak which is stir fried raddish cake) which is so so only as I find it slightly on the oily side.

tk fried radish cake

We also had woo kwok (deep fried yam dumplings) where there is simply too much yam dough wrapping teensy bit of meat.

tk woo kok

The price per dim sum serving for the normal varieties are RM2.80 and the loh mai kai is RM3.80. Pretty reasonable but the best part is you can have dim sum here for breakie, lunch and supper too!!! They're open till 3am if I'm not mistaken. Great place to head on to especially when you have a hungry adult hankering for some fishballs!!! DUH... BTW, I was there for dinner over the weekend and it seems the dim sum price has been increased in May! I'm not sure how much is it now. Our dinner that evening was really delicious and pretty reasonable but I won't be blogging about it since I was too busy taking care of boiboi's meal and of course extremely busy polishing down the enormous amount of dishes my mom ordered.

On how to get there... either from Kepong or LDP, turn into Taman Bukit Maluri. There's a mosque on your right. Take the second left turn and drive down the slope. Tuck Kee Dim Sum is just on your left. You can opt to sit inside the airconditioned shoplot or up front along the hawker row.

tuck kee

Notes: Our jaw dropped when the next table ordered a dai bao (large steamed bun), wah liau so HUGE... they cut into many portion which can easily feed 6 - people!!! I also see loads of patrons ordering their fish head too. Must try next time.

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  1. the food look extreme nice..especially the Loh Mah Kai... = P

  2. I like the look of the woo kok too. Lots of yam.

  3. dragon city, yeah moist and soft unlike some places where the glutinous rice is kinda hard

    yeah umami lots of yam but i find its too thick


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