Monday, 29 May 2006

Review: Hard Rock Cafe


After our visit to KL Tower, we dropped by Hard Rock Cafe for our dinner. Many would have thought Hard Rock Cafe (from hereafter HRC) is a drinking place, pub, music and such but they never knew that HRC serves one of the better American Tex-Mex gurbs in town, in fact they were the first to arrive in Kuala Lumpur before TGIF or Chilis. I've been frequenting this place for meals and fun time with my friends but somehow the recent years things have been slowed down a lot. Maybe because my office is now further or could it because most of us have families already??? It's a whole lot of fun sharing food (super huge portion HRC served here), checking out the live band and dancing on the tiny floor space (lots of heat there as one get to be gyrating to someone's body next to you kekeke) or which ever available space. There was once I remembered it was so packed that we merely stood on the bench and have fun. Wooo those were the days.

Back to our recent visit, it's a first for my boiboi. He was kinda excited with the super duper friendly service from the servers (yeah that's what they called the wait staff). Lotsa attention there that came with balloon and a colouring sheet with some crayons. He definitely had fun there.

We had a starter, Potato Skins (Large potato shells, fried golden brown, filled with Jack & Cheddar cheeses, crisps smoked bacon, green onions and parsley. Side of sour cream for dipping.) Hmm yummmy, I remember they serves one of the better ones and I was not wrong. They still were! The skins were crispy on the outside with a soft centre topped with sinful crispy bacon and loads of cheeses.

hrc potato skin

Check out how my boiboi ate his potato skins... no kiddin' ok this little fella knew how to use his cutleries. He specifically asked for fork and knife for this haha. I guess he learnt from observation and some practise at home. To parents, it's ok to let kids mess up during meal times at home so they learn the right way and won't embarass you when you're dining out.

hrc makan

With the huge portion in mind, I safely chose something that I could finish on my own. I picked a simple Cheese Burger (Same great burger, even better with two slices of American, Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone Cheeses.) that came with a thick minced beef burger with loads of cheese and some lettuce, tomatoes and onion rings. I gave 1/3 to boiboi and he wallopped all. Usually, when I came with a large group of people, I won't be ordering anything from the menu except for an empty plate and cutleries. *evil grin* When the food arrives, the rest of the gang would be asking for plate and start piling their orders onto my plate ahahaha... that way food would not be wasted and most importantly I could try a whole more dishes in their menu :p hohoho... smart eh?

hrc cheese burger

The next dish on the menu that I could finish up is their Seafood Spaghetti that hubby ordered. Done marinara way with loads of seafood... mussels, clams, large prawns, squids etc... I took some bites and it's still yummy after all these years. After boiboi finished his burger, he asked his daddy for some spaghetti. *roll eyes*

hrc seafood spaghetti

What would a visit to HRC without ordering their signature Mud Pie! It came in a chocolate flavoured pie shell with Haagen Daz chocolate and coffee ice-cream filling. Topped with generous squeeze of chocolate sauce and toasted almond flakes. Very messy affair but utmost delicious. My boiboi, after downing 1.5 pieces of potato skins + 1/3 cheese burger and some spaghetti, he managed to dig in almost half of the mud pie. Kuat makan (big eater in Malay) hor??? He usually eats more when stuff he likes is served but then he's not greedy type, he knows when to stop when he's full.

hrc mudpie

There were many more goodies on the menu but then they also have their not so great stuff, so you gotta do some trial and error. I thot of letting you guys know here but then their menu shown does not reflect the Kuala Lumpur's HRC menu. Well, maybe next time.

So boys and girls, children of all ages, ladies and gentlemen... if you think you heart TGIF or Chilis, check HRC too. You'll be pleased just like I did after all these years. We're gonna visit more!

Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur
Ground Floor, Wisma Concorde
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603-2715-5555

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  1. I did forget that HRC's food is good. TQ for reminding.

  2. My favourite in HRC are beef fajitas, nachos and mud pie. My hubbys favourite is Cheese burger. We prefer Jakes skin potatos. We used to go there for Sunday lunch with the kids too. Once I also have my birthday there too. Day time not night time. They give a slice of cake and candle and sing for me. Malulah because I was 6 months pregnant then.

  3. I like your comment about Boi Boi's eating. I guess some parent in Malaysia are so used to 'feed/suap' their kiddies because they are scare of them not eating properly or the mess. But it is totally different here. You should see the mess my kiddies make when they eat. Most of it end on the floor rather than in their tummy.

  4. babe,

    what's your email add? need to ask you something.

  5. thanks for dropping by tommythoz and i'm glad i jogged your memory there ;-) nice food blog u got there

    flower, fabulous food huh? ahahaha gosh i still remember how notti we were when we made the server gave our friends "whipped cream" mask hahaahaha the moment they finish singing happy birthday to them :p

    i still feed boiboi his regular meals else he super slow. only when he sit down to eat with us i let him handle everything his own. aiyoh my boiboi very meticulous and a clean freak. almost every bite he will wipe of the stains on his mouth with tissue ok. last time always wipe using back of his palm hahaha

    des, i posted in yr blog d... u kena withdrawal syndrome ke? hahaha


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