Monday, 29 May 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow '06

Four and a half hours later, with tired calves and feet... we sort of covered the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow '06 on Saturday. As expected traffic was heavy but luckily we took KTM Komuter... a bit stress free there.

IMHO... it's a total disappointment. With minimal concept cars on display and non-appearance of some of the biggies ie. Alfa Romeo, BMW, Land Rover (practically most under Sime Group umbrella)... I guess they shouldn't label themselves as "International"!

My boiboi had a whale of time jumping into cars and drive his madness off. As usually most of the guys there went for one more thing other than the cars and accessories... the sexily clad gals lah! I think Bridgestone had the sexiest uniform where else Volvo has the elegantly dressed one. As in the quality of the gals... all of them had one inch thick of ICI paint on them... which made them stand out lor but seriously not that many pretty faces.

Oh yeah, remember to wear your most comfortable shoes cos this year's show is really BIG but OSIM has a few relaxation points with isqueeze scattered around for you to errr relief yourself. I've loads of pics taken but I doubt as of good quality cos there were simply too many people around to take uninterrupted shots. Will see if I have time to process or not then I'll post them up.

If you're going this week, just remember to allocate at least 6 hours to really comb thru all the booths. Have fun!

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