Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Cameron Highlands Part 4: Rose Valley

We had wanted to go Boh Tea Centre in Sg Palas on Saturday morning but after snaking 1/3 way up, we were told by one kind soul who was on his way down with some tourist in his van that the tea centre was closed. No wonder I saw some kind of chariot along the Hindu Temple along the main road. Apparently there was a Hindu festival on that day. The workers in Boh Tea Factory were mostly Indians which explained why they were closed. I wish Boh Tea could place a signage at their huge billboard at the foot of the hill to inform the public on its closed days other than Mondays. The kind soul told us they jammed all the way up and down for more than an hour... wahseh. Anyway we took a U-turn and we still got stuck in a traffic jam! Yeah jam since it was a long weekend, lots of tourist flocked Kea Farm, Rose Valley etc to buy vegetables and stuff. Too many cars and haphazard parking caused crawling traffic.

Anyway, I was so bored and took out my Sony Digicam and start shooting as we inch towards the foothill which Rose Valley is located. Lotsa stalls selling vegetables, fruits and flowers there. Hmm the wonders of having zoom capability... I don't even need to get down the car to get these shots hehehe...

See the traffic jam right at the junction.

rose valley - traffic jam due to sg palas closure

Equatorial Hotel, the tallest hotel located in Cameron Highlands.

rose valley - eq

Check out the lush bougainvillea plants!

rose valley - lush bougainvilla

Stalls along Rose Valley. These row of shops were located right along the main street but it seems that the inner stalls were getting all the business.

rose valley - stall01

rose valley - stall02

rose valley - stall03

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