Thursday, 25 May 2006

Cameron Highlands Part 2: Sam Poh Chi

ch - sam poh chi 01

Continuing my travelogue... it was wet when we arrived Cameron Highlands on Wesak Day in the late afternoon. The first thing we did when we arrived was to stop by at Sam Poh Chi (located near Brinchang) to offer our prayers. Surprisingly it was pretty quiet, maybe the devotees came earlier in the morning.

ch - sam poh chi 03

ch - sam poh chi 02

Cameron Highlands Part 1: The Land of Work Horses

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  1. As you know we own a Disco here in Perth.But we still have our Series III back home in Subang Jaya. My hubby loves his Series III and plan to bring the car here soon. It is red and it's still can be driven around. His ultimate dream now is to own a Range Rover Sport.

  2. Wooohooo flower that was ultimate cool leh. BTW, LRM din bring in RR Sports cos it's gonna be exhorbitant. Even the Disco3 V8 costed rm7++K!!!! More ex than RR. We're going to KL International Motorshow soon. We'll see if there's a LR booth this year or not. Will update with pics.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thank you babe. Here in Australia the Disco 3 was on sale for AU$50K. Would you believe it, car also got sale lor, normal price start from $64K. And the price for RangeRover sport is from AU$85K which is only RM238K. With or without converting the currency, it is affordable here and if we convert into RM this is cheaper than the ridiculous price in Malaysia. But no one here like to spend that amount of money when they also can get other car for less than that.

  5. flower, it's the same here i guess. 700K sounded so exhorbitant but yet you can still see some on the road. it's getting very very ex to own a landie unless a second hand unit.

  6. But secondhand hard to get. Last time when we were still in Malaysia, we used to look for secondhand TD5 Disco. But very hard to get. Does any of Land Rover get a good second hand value? Maybe can bring one home in the future and sell it there.

  7. there is no way conti vehicles could fetch good prices. second hand got mah just not dat plently. hv to look out for the adverts.


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