Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Cameron Highlands Part 3: Heritage Hotel

Not a bad place to stay but since the opening of Simpang Pulai, it seems like an eternity to reach this place as we reached the higher places first before Heritage Hotel located in Tanah Rata. It's our second stay here... staff were extremely courteous and attentive this time round. Apparently some of them were Indonesians students from a hospitality college in Bintan Island on their industrial training. No complaints except for the dirty, damp and musky smell of the carpet. Problem solved when I plug in the air freshener I brought along (me super kiasi and had sort of anticipated this hehehe, bet you never thought of this huh??) and we practically wore slippers all the time in the room.

For RM468, we got 2 nights stay, it's quite a bargain since it was peak period. It came with breakfast for two on both mornings, steamboat dinner for two on the first day and two western set dinner on the second day. Will post about them later on.

These were the apartment blocks which I think some locals are staying there. Some units were rented out to tourists. We stayed at the tower block. @$% they gave us a room above where the tour buses parked below. Grrrrr every morning the buses will start their engine around 7.00 blardy am!!!! On top of that it got noisier when the drivers started chatting and their passengers started to hang around the buses. Sighhhh... can't even sleep in late.

ch - view from room ch - heritage apmt

Some flowers found around the lobby.

ch - heritage pink ch - heritage orange lily ch - heritage lily

My boiboi took this picture, kinda all right huh?

ch - heritage boiboi took lilies

...and he asked me to take a pic of this daisy he picked.

ch - heritage daisy

This is him chasing the pigeons at the balcony of the restaurant after breakfast.

ch - heritage shooing pigeons

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  1. Babe! I am so excited. Going there in another errm...six hours? From Penang it is a breeze for us and we are staying at Equatorial 'cos there is a room promo at only RM99 for UOB cardholder. I checked my blog and apparently, I was in Cameron Highland EXACTLY on the chung festival last year. What a coincidence!

    Hehehe, still got lots to pack. Gotta run but it is nice to see yr post 'so fresh'.
    (not sure this comes out in haloscan anot so re-post on blogger)

  2. cool eh lilian... wishing u a safe and fantabulous trip ;-)


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