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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 29 December 2005

Spaghetti Vongole Version 2.0

After encountering an aching jaw due to rubbery frozen clams experience, I managed to hunt down a can of Rex lala (clams), wooohoooo say bye bye to leather tough frozen clams.

Did almost the same stuff as before but this time there are no mushrooms in my fridge. I have some celery for juicing though, not wanting to waste the celery, I nipped off the leafy part to lend some flavour to this spaghetti. Opened the canned clams... oh my... the clams were errrr so tiny! Drained them.

Fried some chopped garlic and onions till fragrant in extra virgin olive oil. Added in the clams. Next stirred in the celery leaves. Cooked spaghetti in separate pot till al dente and added to the fried mixture when done. Mixed thoroughly and served with freshly grounded black pepper and parmesan cheese.

spaghetti vongole

Errrr you may see some flat strands in the picture above cos I have some wee bit of fettucini around which I've dumped in together with the spaghetti. I have to say the celery leaves did added in a wonder aroma and flavour to this dish. However the clams were way too small to be able to taste anything substantial. Hubby even have the cheek to ask me where are the clams.... grrrrrr...!!!!

Watch out... there might be Version 3.0 coming soon.


Real Azuki said...

hi baby! : )) have been reading your blog for months, it's a terrific blog. i'm just starting mine, but i'd be glad if you pay a visit to my blog some time:

not a great blog but i'm still learning. thank you! and happy new year.

Babe_KL said...

thanks azuki for dropping by. its great to hear there's more food blog coming our way. looking forward to yr postings. and btw, i'm babe not baby :p