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16 Oct 2012

Saturday, 10 December 2005

Review: Kluang Station Kopitiam

Shhhhhhh... my boiboi is napping so I'm sneaking in an entry here.

I hope I got the name correctly but I know it's definitely Kluang Station. It's located on the Lower Ground Floor at the Oval court, 1 Utama new wing (opposite Bread Story). Seems like a rage now of high end kopitiams (coffee shop) mushrooming over in the Klang Valley right after the heels of Hong Kong style cafes.

We saw this place right after we got off the escalator, so we decided to give it a try after seeing the place is quite packed with patrons. We ordered butter and kaya toast for boiboi. Nothing to shout about the toast, pretty ordinary.

Our tea and yin yong (tea + coffee + condensed milk) is also so-so only. Hubby's nasi lemak came pretty quick. The rice is not lemak (rich) at all and lack in coconut milk taste. Sambal slightly on the sweet side, a wee bit too sweet I think. The only saving grace is the piece of fried chicken. Very crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and tasty with the marinade. I can't remember how much it costed as hubby threw the receipt away right after.

kluang station nasi lemak

My Hainanese Chicken Chop which the menu claimed to be authentic Hainanese fare is errrr not very Hainanese after all in my humble opinion. I've eaten a fair share of Hainanese Chicken Chops all over town and those prepared by my Hainanese aunties but they are nothing like the one I tasted in Kluang Station.

Check out the picture here... Do you see anything amissed??

kluang station hainan chic chop

Hohoho... did you spot anything that is not right of an authentic Hainanese Chicken Chop?? Yes? No??? Hahahaha... first it's served with fries!!!! Usually the potatoes are quartered, deep fried and cook together in the sauce with the onions and green peas! AND this sauce have canned baked beans in it, ahahaha.... oops I shouldn't have laughed... bad manners of mine :p Well maybe this is the Kluang Station's owner's family recipe... or maybe I'm kinda biased here since they proclaimed to be authentic Hainanese Chicken Chop, taste wise it's ok lah but really nothing outstanding.

Ohhh they employed those cute *wink wink* looking college students as waiters and you know what... the one whom served us can't even speak any Chinese be it Cantonese or Mandarin hahahaha talk about being in a kopitiam hehehe. Eh funny nowadays kopitiam is swamped with Myanmarese staff teehehehehe... Well at least this waiter is still a Chinese. Oh my... looks like it will take us a long time before visiting Kluang Station again judging from the amount of new makan (eating in Malay) places have opened in 1 Utama.

Please do not let this review from stopping you to try out Kluang Station. My taste might be different from yours ;-)

Kluang Station
LG337, Lower Ground of New Wing Oval
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar UtamaPetaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77101039/012-3114881
Business Hours: Daily (10am-10pm)

UPDATED 12 Dec 2005:
Sorry, gotta applogise to some Hainan kias *tongue* err I was told they do serve baked beans in their chicken chops but usually they scoop straight out from the can to the plate.


Wu, CanRou said...

I refuse to pay Mall prices for bad Kopitiam food or drinks. I've seen that setup for about a 100th time but never could bring myself to go in. Seeing that place pack with customer always baffles me.

Anonymous said...

i am from kluang and i think this do no justice to the station i've grown up with!!! you must come down to kluang one day and taste the real thing!!! come on babeh!!!

Anonymous said...

hiya babe!
Went there for lunch on Wed.

won't recommend it to anyone else....

Julie said...

can i just dabao a juicy fried chicken oni? hoho..

rokh said...

i always see it empty

Babe_KL said...

wu, it baffles me too

mossie, apparently this is the branch opened by the grandson

phew thank goodness you concurred with me pam, i thot it was only me

why not julie :)

rokh, ya ka? i usually go there on weekends and it's always packed

Mark said...

When I first saw the post, I wonder what's good that I had missed out about the kopitiam.

Lucky that seems like most of us share the same taste and comments.

Wonder there is real good coffee in Kluang?

Gumbbie said...

kluang station cheatting all their customer... i'm from kluang.. i know who is the owner.. the real kluang kopitiam is 'KLUANG RAIL CAFE'.. there is only 2 brances one also located at kluang town and another one located at Kotaraya JB.. believe me.. if u try the real kluang toast and coffee.. u will know.. Kluang Station just cory the KLUANG RAIL CAFE concept.. and Kluang Station cheatting all their costumers........