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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 1 December 2005

"One Pot" Rice

**Non-Halal Post**

I was rummaging thru my fridge thinking of what to cook for dinner one weekend whilst my boiboi was napping. After checking, I have chicken and french beans... hmmm and I have the usual dried mushrooms, black fungus (woods ear mushrooms) and Chinese sausages which are standard must have in my fridge.

I was feeling tired and lazy actually. At the back of my mind I was thinking I should rest whilst boiboi is asleep but that means we gonna eat out again!!! Quite sick of outside food, I decided to forgo my rest and think of something easy for lazybones like mine. So, based on my mom's Long Beans Rice, this is a variation of it.

I quickly soak the mushrooms and black fungus in hot water till mushrooms are soften. Meanwhile, marinaded the chicken pieces with some oyster sauce, dash of sesame seeds oil, Stone Ginger Wine and pepper. Tipped the french beans and cut them up. Removed the sausage casing and sliced them thinly. Sliced the mushrooms when they were soften and removed the hard bits of the black fungus.

Cleaned the rice and place inside rice cooker. Added in water (guesstimate ok but it's about the same amout as you would cook your rice) and some oyster sauce plus dark soya sauce. Stir then taste. Adjust the taste by adding more oyster sauce. If you fancy a salty dish, then by all means add in salt.

Next placed all the above ingredients on top of the rice and press Cook on the rice cooker. The rice and ingredients will be all cooked up by the end of the cycle. There... simple, easy and fuss free. Errrmmm that's how the name came up too... everything cooked in one pot, hence "One Pot" Rice.

When they're cooked, stir and mix the ingredients with the rice. As I was doing this I can smell the wonderful aroma of Chinese sausage and ginger wine. Lovely!

one pot rice

Actually hubby was quite sarcastic when he found out I was cooking this. He asked me whether I can cook this as nice as my mom's!!! Urrghhh... He add on further that the other times I cooked this rice, they were not salty enough. I can't blame a hamsap person who is so used to eating salty stuff as compared to myself. So geram leh!!!! Anyway, I made sure I added in more oyster sauce to make this dish up to his expectation. Somehow when he ate it, he said there was something missing. Later he managed to pin point that there weren't any dried scrimps in it!!! Hahaha oh yeah hor, I forgot but nevertheless the rice was tasty. My boiboi had some of it too and he showed me his thumb up.

Note to self: Remember to add dried shrimps!!!! Dried shrimps will impart a very fragrant aroma to the rice. Oh yes, if I'm not lazy I will fry some sliced shallots to add on to the cooked rice. Wooo shiok!

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