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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 9 December 2005

When BRAT Turns ANGEL...

My brat boiboi is a super hyper-active 3 year old. I'm simply amazed the kind of energy he has in him everyday and I'm surprised too on his development from baby till now. He has memory of an elephant but only on stuffs that he loved or interest him. At 1 year 7 months old he could recognise some car logos. By 2 years old, he could even remember which model of a make both on the road and in magazines. He even beat me to loads of models which I have no idea what they were until I flipped to the page and read the content on car magazines. He doesn't always occupied himself on the hundreds of books I've gotten for him but give him a car magazine anytime, I can be sure of at least 20 - 30 minutes of bliss! He could just stare and stare and even make me listen to him going on and on what the cars were doing in there especially those 4WD magazines. He seems to love the mud and 4WD going thru the river and such. Maybe one day I should send him off with Splashie Boy (boo_licious' partner) in one of his camping trips hahahaha

Anyway, there were many times he really droves us up the wall. Maybe it's kids' curiosity nature... well they just love to explore especially on things they were told to stay away! There were many hair pulling moments but then again on the flip of a moment my boiboi could be such an angel. This explained why I have to write this post up, I've no idea what am I writing but I just wanna record this in case this fade off from my memory.

Actual conversion ok... and he said all those sentences...

Last Saturday, boiboi and I were waiting for Daddy to get out of the house. I was sitting on the floor by the door and I suddenly had an attack of tummy ache. I lie down and said out loud "Uh-oh Mummy is having a tummy ache".

Boiboi who was standing nearby, came to me and touched my arm, bend down and stare at my face... "Mummy, you want to eat medicine?"

I tell you, it's like an instant cure to me... what tummy ache? My boiboi was so sweet and caring that the ache was soon forgotten. He was lashed with loads of hugs and kisses and I know his Daddy had an ear-to-ear grin for he had drilled many times that boiboi should take care of Mummy when Daddy is away overseas. Looks like his drilling worked!

Come 2 days ago, Daddy was overseas and I was back at my parents' place just to be with boiboi. I came home from work and I was changing in my room. I heard soft knocks on the door and I knew it was boiboi. I told him to come in and he said "Thank you" whilst I replied "You're welcome". Well, it doesn't always happened like this ok but most of the time he's pretty ok with his manners.

The next thing he did was hold up his hand in grip and I was wondering what he's up to. "Flower for Mummy"... wahseh so it seems he had a stalk of imaginary flower in his hand. Heart already melted... Next thing he mentioned "It's flower biscuit". After I thanked him, he asked me to eat it hahahah yeah it's those cake decorative flowers made from biscuit. So I have to pretend eating up the imaginary flower. He's so adorable.

Well aren't these moments wonderful? That's the beauty of having kids, they could be brats but then they can turn angels anytime to surprise us. Whatever it is... I love my boiboi. He's simply too precious.

Enough on ranting... do come by once in a while even though updates on this blog will be sporadic. It's a crazy crazy December! Might gonna miss all the events happening in the food blogging world... how sad.

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